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Space of Urgency - Arno Bouma, Lucas Counter, Bogomir Doringer & Liese Kingma

Space of Urgency - Arno Bouma, Lucas Counter, Bogomir Doringer & Liese Kingma

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frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


Jänner 2020 - März 2020

‘Space of Urgency' is an international research platform whose goal is to ignite political dialogue, knowledge exchange and the realization of spaces of urgency in Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin and beyond. The project is hosted by the department Social Design - Arts as Urban Innovation, University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Arno Bouma

Arno Bouma is a cultural manager specializing in the support and enablement of self-organized actors. Arno has a rich history in Amsterdam, where he discovered has passion for setting up and managing cultural events and venues. Driven to make a bigger impact, his interest shifted. From managing physical spaces, he went on to be involved in projects connecting the needs of self-organized actors and decision-makers. His goal is to create opportunities for self-organized actors in unfolding their talents and in contributing to bottom-up social and cultural innovations.

Arno Bouma

Lucas Counter

Lucas is an urban researcher and project developer striving to uncover and reshape conditions in which spaces of self-organization can be empowered in often contrasting urban environments. The aim is to orientate new approaches in city planning that resonates with the voices of different groups pursuing different values, cultures, rights, and spaces within urban life. In doing so, his research threads together actors and perspectives from autonomous & collective bodies, to cross-disciplinary university faculties and Municipalities. This ensures balanced results and innovative solutions and tools that ignite new forms of collaboration. Within the project, Counter carries this research approach across the local and international interventions instigated as a Space of Urgency.  

Lucas Counter

Bogomir Doringer

Bogomir Doringer is an artist interested in the exploration and research of various social phenomena caused by socio-political interactions. These phenomena manifest themselves inside and between human bodies, in the form of identities and crowds. One of his most important considerations is how the significance of the phenomenon correlates to the amount of people gathered around it. Doringer often collaborates on his projects with experts in various fields, thereby engaging in long-lasting processes and experimenting with interdisciplinary methods. Doringer’s observations and results are presented in the form of curated exhibitions, lectures, workshops, art installations and films. For the Dance and Space of Urgency Project, Bogomir is contributing to the topic’s curation and narration.

Bogomir Doringer


Liese Kingma

Liese is a curator, cultural intermediary and project developer in Amsterdam, Vienna and Berlin. At the core, she is driven to ignite dialogue for the creation of participatory models in urban changemaking processes.This has translated in several International projects focussing on the protection and creation of free space. For the Space of Urgency project, Liese is responsible for project management and stakeholder communication. Her aim is to spark interaction and collaboration between self-organized socio-cultural actors and local governments.

Liese Kingma


During January until November, the Space of Urgency team will combine the arts and interactions surrounding the topic of Free Space "Freiräume" in the historical and present context. Cities are expanding and densifying, and more local governments are reshaping their urban policies to protect vulnerable social cultural actors that need access to free space to develop their works and interactions. What is the definition of Free Space in 2019, and how can practices of self-organisation form the cornerstones of new city models? How are bodies expressing in free spaces, where values, built on an alternative set of needs, trust and interactions play a central role? And how these momentums can contribute to the Urban Planning challenges of our times. For the exhibition, Artists, Urban Scientists, filmmakers and researchers will create pieces that reflect on these topics to inspire and develop new models for the empowerment of self-organised culture in our current urban context.

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