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Jackson Hyland-Lipski

Jackson Hyland-Lipski

Bereich: Film, Aktivismus

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Film, Aktivismus


New York

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Fulbright Austria


Jänner 2020 - Februar 2020

Jackson Hyland-Lipski is an activist and filmmaker from New York City. He is currently the Visual Director for Women's March Global. From 2016-2018 Jackson was the Head of Web Development for Women's March and for the original Women’s March on Washington, and Digital Media Director for Youth Empower. Jackson is also a freelance video editor and graphic designer for political campaigns and progressive organizations such as:

Million Hoodies Movement for Justice
The Gathering for Justice   
Democratic Socialists of America
March for Our Lives
Bold Progressives
Immigrant Justice Now
The People for Bernie Sanders
The People’s Summit
Indigenous People’s Movement
Muslim Democratic Club of NY

Jackson has been selected as a Fulbright Scholar, through which he will be directing a documentary in 2020 on the treatment of Muslim women in Austria.

Jackson was previously the Executive Assistant for the Alive Inside Foundation, bringing memory and identity back to elders with dementia through music and empathy. The Foundation was created by Director Michael Rossato-Bennett after winning the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award in 2014 for his film 'Alive Inside'.

In 2014, Jackson worked at Radical Media as Archival Assistant for Emmy winning and Academy Award nominated 'What Happened, Miss Simone?', a Netflix original documentary about Nina Simone that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015. Jackson concurrently worked for the film's Producer Amy Hobby as Head of Development for Ms. Hobby's and Anne Hubbell's production company, Tangerine Entertainment, which produces films and other projects helmed by women.

Jackson Hyland-Lipski is a graduate of Northeastern University, where he received a BA in Film and Philosophy with a minor in Writing.


I will be Directing a short documentary, tentatively titled Otherings, that will follow a prominent Muslim women’s rights activist in Vienna. The documentary will highlight the historical and contemporary experiences of Muslim women in Austria while also celebrating the cultural identities and diversity of the female Muslim experience and community of Vienna.

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