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Sári Ember

Sári Ember

Bereich: Bildende Kunst

© Sári Ember

© Sári Ember

© Sári Ember

© Sári Ember

© Sári Ember

© Sári Ember

© Sári Ember

© Sári Ember

Key Facts


Ungarn, Brasilien


Bildende Kunst



Empfehlende Institution

tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


Mai 2019 - Juni 2019

Sári Ember is a visual artist from Budapest. Her work is dealing with the notion of home, memory and heritage, she examines the people's relationship to objects and to the past. She works with different techniques, such as photography, paper collage, ceramics and stone objects, which she mostly presents as installations.


2018   Since our stories all sound alike, Galleria Campari, Milano

2017   The Taste of Distance, OFF Biennale Budapest,

Longlife, Ani Molnár Gallery, Budapest

2016   Longing for far (Messzevágyók), Art+text Budapest
2015   Em Casa (At Home), Galerie Klubovna, Brno, Czech Republic

Kikötő, Warm São Paulo,
2014   Field Work, with Viola Fátyol, Labor, Budapest, Hungary
2013   Em Casa (At Home), Kunsthalle São Paulo, Brazil

Conversations, Contretype, Brussels, Belgium



2018   Nothing in Isolation, pablo’s birthday, New York
Dreams come frome the past, not from the future, Löwenpalais, Berlin

Every other Thing, Krokus Gallery, Bratislava
The Intention of Things, Trafó Gallery, Budapest

2017   Esterházy Award 2017, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
The Way They See It. An Overview of Hungarian Photography, National Museum in Warsaw Abstract Hungary, Künstlerhaus Graz, Austria

2016   Traço, Galeria Metropole, São Paulo, Brasil

Ongoing h/Histories, Stúdió Gallery, Budapest
The rings go, the fingers stay, CHANGE-CHANGE, Múzeum krt 19., Budapest

Cause of Death – A Matter of Taste and Luck, Latarka Galllery, Budapest

2015   Munka-Művek, Budapest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2014   Primeira, Warm Art Space, São Paulo, Brazil

Sept femmes en residence, Contretype, Brussels, Belgium
Sobre lugares e gestos. Labmis Residency, Museo da imagem e do Som, São Paulo, Brazil



2018   7th Litomyšl Symposium, Czech Republic, Litomysl, Chech Republic

2014   Tofiq House, São Paulo, Brazil
2013   LABmis, São Paulo, Brazil

Ateliê Aberto (7) - Casa Tomada, São Paulo, Brazil

2010   Contretype, Brussels, Belgium

2008   Derniera project, Brno, Chech Republic


During the residency, I would focus on places where collective memory reveals through the representations of human figures and faces, such as public spaces, museums. I am interested how people relate to these monuments and objects, and how do I relate to them maybe not even being familiar with the role and importance of the represented person.

In my studio process I would work with collage as the starting point of my research, and I would like to experiment with textile and ceramics. With textile I am planning to make flag-like large masks, and I would like to try out different kinds of textiles and sewing techniques. With ceramics, depending also on the facilities I would like to make larger vases.


I would like to thank Tranzit Vienna and ERSTE Foundation for the generous support of my residency, and I would like to thank Museumsquartier for their help and work in the organization.

I have visited numerous museums, exhibitions, commercial galleries, and several events of the Wiener Festwochen. Especially interesting was the Old Masters collection of the Belvedere, the neolithic ceramics in the Naturhistorisches Museum, the Weltmuseum, the performance of Angélica Liddell - The Scarlet Letter, the mosaique in the Opera House, to activate a Fanz Erhard Walter work in the ERSTE Collection, mosaiques and paintings on the buildings of public housing.

I have spent a lots of time in the Library of Angewandte University, where I have studied books on ceramics, masks, carpets, weaving techniques. I was very intrigued by the series of albums aiming the cover the history of art of the Globe and all times. The categories, groupings, objective-subjective points of views were very interesting for my research on how we represent our heritage, our history and views through images and objects. 

On Parish flee markets I have looked at, and bought books on ancient cultures. Their content and form of representation are very good references for my planed artist book. 

I have finished a group of works of natural dyed textiles for an exhibition in Ortisei, Italy, in the Galleria Doris Ghetta. (See photos) In the studio I have started a new series of ceramics, which I will then finalise in Budapest.

The meeting with the other resident artist from the Museumsquartier were very interesting, I was fascinated by the presentations. 

I have also had meeting with curator Vitus Weh, with whom we have developed a commissioned work for the Esterhazy Stiftung in Eisenstadt, and with Ralo Mayer to develop a duo show together with the curator Barbara Horvath for Kunstverein Eisenstadt. 

My research’s goal was to reorganize, rethink, and develop my series of works on Death and loss in order to construct a coherent narrative what could be the backbone of an exhibition.

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