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Pavlo Kovach

Pavlo Kovach

Bereich: Bildende Kunst, Kurator

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Bildende Kunst, Kurator



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September 2019 - Oktober 2019

Visual artist and curator Pavlo Kovach was born in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, November 4th 1987. He now lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine.


Festival IN-OUT Gdańsk (second placе)
Scholarship program of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland "Gaude Polonia"  (curator Miroslaw Balka)
58 Venice biennale  FGAP  (as participant of an Open Group, Ukraine)
56 Venice biennale  national pavilion  of Ukraine  “HOPE” (as participant of an Open Group)
56 Venice biennale  Dispossession – a collateral event of 56th Venice Biennale
Residence - AIR Open Ateliers Zuidoost Amsterdam (as participant of an Open Group)

Residence - FUTURA  Praha  (as participant of an Open Group)

Awarded with the Main Prize PinchukArtCentre Prize, Kyiv, Ukraine ; (as participant of an Open Group)

2013 -2014 Co-founder ”Еfremova26 gallery”

Co-founder - participant of an Open Group”
MUHі 2012 Young artists contest (second place)
Scholarship program of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland "Gaude Polonia" (curator Janusz Bałdyga)

Co-founder of “Detenpyla gallery”

2005-2011 Studied at the Lviv National Academy of Arts.
2003-2005 Studied at Uzhgorod Art College name of A. Erdeli.

Personal Exhibitions

«There is nothing here» Warsaw (Poland) “Program Gallery”

“Wax” Kyiv (Ukraine) “Bottega Galelry” bottega-gallery.com/projects/vosk;

Interactive installation “Time Vibration Movement” Warsaw (Poland) “Program Gallery”

Interactive installation Moan” “Dzyga Gallery” Lviv (Ukraine)
Project “Earth”, “Program Gallery”
Project “Purgation”, “Dzyga Gallery” (performance and exhibition)

Project “2”, “Museum of Ideas Gallery”, Lviv (Ukraine)


Performance during the 10’th European Congress of Psychoanalysts
Performance Week in Lviv
Poznan (Poland)  Poznań Gallery Weekend
Vinnytsia (Ukraine) Presentation of the “Week of Actual Art in Lviv”

Israel, Tel Aviv “Zaz Festival”
Israel, Haifa “Zaz Festival”
”Pause” Poznan (Poland) “Galeria Raczej” during performative project ”KolaborAkcija”
“Вalance” Skoki (Poland)
“Line” Czynstochowy (Poland) ”OffScenichny”
“Вalance” Piotrków Trybunalski (Poland)
 “Noc Kulturu v Lublini “ (Poland)
“Trace” Warsaw “Pienknie Klamstwo”
“Week of Actual Art in Lviv“ Lviv (Ukraine)
“Outward-bound ” Lublin Akcija27 “Labirint Gallery”

“ Manifestation” was made during “Art Days Performance” School of Performance (Lviv)
4’th Project art synthesis “Ekle”, Uzhgorod (Ukraine)

General Exhibitions, Symposiums

"Give me tomorrow"  bottega-gallery.com/projects/daj-mne-zavtra;
ARTVILNIUS'14  bottega-gallery.com/projects/art-vilnius-2014

International Plein Air, Skoki (Poland) 
“Open Group”  “Between Us” “Bottega Gallery”, Kyiv (Ukraine)
International Winter Festival of Land Art “Application of spirit” “Mythogenesis” Vinnytsia (Ukraine)
International Plein Air, Skoki (Poland) 
“Ukraine now” Prague (Czech Republic)  bottega-gallery.com/projects/ukraina-segodnya  
“Habitat” bottega-gallery.com/projects/sreda-obitaniya/raboty-53
“Constituent of Presence”, галерея “Mala Gallery Arsenal”, Kyiv (Ukraine)
Ukrainian section “Estuary”, Exhibitions in Lviv and Lublin

Erotic Exhibit ”Avarice” during the 7’th Erotic ArtFest “March cats”,”Uzhgorod Gallery”, Uzhgorod (Ukraine)
”іо 733 trees Project Bozdosh park” Unformal Gallery “Korydor” Uzhgorod (Ukraine)
“Week of Actual Art in Lviv“ Lviv Art Palace, Lviv (Ukraine)
International Plein Air, Skoki (Poland)
International Festival ”Europejski stadion kultury” Rzeszow (Poland)                   
Exhibition-competition Center for Modern Art Problems MUHі 2012 Young artists contest (second place)
“Introversija”  М17  Kyiv (Ukraine)
“Week of Actual Art in Lviv“ Lviv Art Palace, Lviv (Ukraine)

Project “Purgation”, “Dzyga Gallery” (performance and exhibition)
Days of Contemporary Art “Silverlаnd Gallery”, Project „Relapses”, Uzhgorod (Ukraine)
3’th International Festival of Art  “FORTMISSIA” Popovichi village.
4’th Project art synthesis “Ekle”, Uzhgorod (Ukraine)
Project “PositionStateHome “Detenpyla gallery” (in cooperation with  з Y. Biley and S. Turyna)

“Coverage” Галерея “Korydor Gallery” Uzhgorod (Ukraine)
Erotic Exhibition during 5’th Erotic ArtFest “March cats”,”Uzhgorod Gallery”, Uzhgorod (Ukraine)
International Environment Project “Transgression”, м. Львів, Stryjsky park, Lviv (Ukraine)
Land Art Project “Kinburn Purity. Balance”, Mykolaivskiy region (Ukraine)
З’th Project art synthesis “Ekle”, Uzhhorod Philharmonic, Uzhgorod (Ukraine)

Project “2”, “Museum of Ideas Gallery”, Lviv (Ukraine) (in cooperation with Y. Biley)

Erotic Exhibition during 3’th Erotic ArtFest “March cats”,”Korydor Gallery”, Uzhgorod (Ukraine)


During my artistic career, I have a basic project, which in turn is branching into several limbs that intersect each other. Basically, I am interested in creation of an (image) and myth, according to the working principle of Patrick Corion, Ilya Kabakov. The basis of the person's image lies in the real life story that I will develop and will work with. I will fill her or his life with stories, artifacts, concrete works. For example, what if my grandmother had the opportunity to become a contemporary artist? For example, Tamara’s image become the basis for creation the story of my grandmother. “Tamara is a contemporary artist from the Ural region (Russia) who survived the Holodomor in childhood only because she found the remains of food in the cracks between the wooden floor. During her artistic activities she is working with a series of artworks on parquet, from the slices of which the wheat is sprouting, or at times the hair, which she bought from different people”.

 I am interested in collaboration with so-called ordinary people (labouring class), in collection of their stories and also in creation of a new image of local inhabitants. For example, ‘what she or he would say if she or he was an artist', if she or he was interested in exploration of the problems of a particular country, which vocabulary she or he would use, and what kind of media would be close to them as creators.

I am always interested in an exploration with space as it is primary.The resource depends on the 'artist image' that I create. It's important for me to create this project during the residence and currently it's hard for me to say with what things it may be collaborated. But it is possible that it will be in dialogue with an already existing one.The end result may be a curatorial exhibition, which will include in itself fictitious, semi-fictional and existing artists.


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