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Magda Typiak

Magda Typiak

Bereich: Fotografie, Video

© Magda Typiak

© Magda Typiak

© Magda Typiak

© Magda Typiak

© Magda Typiak

© Magda Typiak

© Magda Typiak

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Fotografie, Video


Florenz (ITA)

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November 2019 - Dezember 2019

Magda Typiak b. 1991

Master of Arts, she completed her MA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and her BA at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Torun. In 2016 she studied at the Department of Film and Photography of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. Her works have been displayed on exhibitions and festivals in Poland and abroad – among other places in Berlin, Athens, Vienna and Polish Culture Institute in Minsk (Belarus). In 2015 she took part in Warsaw Under Construction Festival, and in 2016 her video won her the main award at the International Students’ Art Review in Wozownia Art Gallery in Torun. In 2019 she was chosen by Dryphoto artecontemporanea for the photographic residency in Prato (Italy) as one of the 3 photographers under 35 working and living in Italy.
The films, photographs, and installations that she creates are postconceptual creations. In her minimalistic pieces – delicate deconstructions of spaces – she asks questions about identity, both her own as well as a collective one.

Selected exhibitions and achievements

2019 Berlin KW Institute for Contemporary Art, video made at Villa Romana Florence, presented as an introduction to the launch of the Non Garden Book Villa Romana
2019 Prato (Italy) Dryphoto Artecontemporanea Gallery, Photographic art residency documenting Chinatown 2019 Prato, Centro per l'arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Tavola rotonda evaluation and presentation of the video and photographic project La Via Della Cina
2019 Toruń, Ministerial Scholarship Mayor of Torun in the field of culture
2019 Toruń International Interdisciplinary Exhibition Ogrody Sztuki
2018 Vienna Kunst Haus Wien Hundertwasser Museum, four days workshop with Elina Brotherus with the pop-up exhibition on the last day.
2016 Torun Wozownia Gallery, first prize for the video work City waves at the International Students Art Review
2017 Warsaw Propaganda Gallery, A’ la Flamande 2 Portrait, group exhibition + an auction
2017 Kraków Galeria Promocyjna ASP, Suicide box and my poems at Pain relief multidisciplinary group exhibition
2016 Academy of Fine Arts Gdansk, Rector scholarship for outstanding achievements
2016 Minsk Belarus, video presented at the group exhibition in Polish Culture Institute
2016 Suwalki Galeria Chlodna 20, video presented in the group exhibition
2016 Gdansk Kolonia Artystow, Intermedia students’ video review
2015 Academy of Fine Arts Gdansk, Rector scholarship for outstanding achievements
2015 Athens Video Art Festival ADAF (video Arbitrary, self-conscious qualified into the main show)
2015 Timisoara, Romania SIMULTAN Festival, everyday screenings of the video Arbitrary, self- conscious 2015 Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, Project Apple trees in the „Warsaw under construction” festival.        
2015 Gdansk Gdanska Galeria Miejska, Group exhibition of the video Nowe Miasto Gdansk
2015 Torun Centre of Contemporary Art, Photo group exhibition
2015 Torun IV photographs exhibited at the IV International Interdisciplinary Festival giARTino
2015 Gdansk Wyspa Art Institute – Exhibition of the best Intermedia students of the year
2014 Torun III Internetional interdisciplinary exhibition giARTino
2014 Kolo National group photo exhibition Portret 2014
2014 Krakow National exhibition Noto 2014, artistic scrapbook


I am currently working to create and publish my first photobook called „Living is leaving” that will contain photographs and poetry on the issue of journey, traces, loss that indicates performativeness of the subjects’ becoming and its nomadic character.
I would also like to intervene in the city space with the technique of land art that will involve local residents to make together the message about the liberty. The project for this initiative is ready I am now searching for fundings and institutional patronage.

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