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Chase Masterson

Chase Masterson

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November 2019 - November 2019

A fan favorite, Chase Masterson is best known for her 5-year breakout role on Star Trek DS9, along with her Doctor Who Big Finish audio spinoff VIENNA.

Among a myriad of other roles, Chase has Guest-Starred on The Flash, hosted Sci-Fi Entertainment and starred opposite Bruce Campbell in Terminal Invasion for SyFy, played opposite Jerry O’Connell in Sliders, and co-hosted NBC Sunday Night at the Movies with Ryan Seacrest and the renowned STARMUS Gala in Zurich. Guest-Star credits include the Emmy-winning episode of ER and Presidio Med, and a Recurring role on General Hospital. Feature film lead roles include a mysterious jazz singer in eOne’s acclaimed sci-fi noir, Yesterday Was a Lie andthe title role in Je Suis Auto.

Chase was named in AOL’s 10 Sexiest Aliens on TV, Screen Rant’s 15 Most Stunning Aliens in Star Trek, Femme Fatales’ 50 Sexiest Women, Film Fetish’s Hot Leading Ladies of Film, and TV Guide Online readers’ poll’s Favorite Sci-Fi Actress on TV during the run of DS9.

She reprises her roles of Leeta, Mirror Leeta, and Holo-Leeta in Star Trek Online (come by her table for a free game piece)!

Chase is a recording artist with several CDs, including Thrill of the Chase, Ad Astra, Jazz Cocktail, and Rendezvous.

In 2013, Chase found the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, the first non-profit organization to teach real-life heroism over bullying, racism, misogyny, LGBTQI-bullying and cyberbullying; using stories from pop culture TV, comics and film, the Coalition works in schools, pop culture cons and children’s hospitals.

For more info on Chase, please follow @ChaseMasterson on Twitter & Facebook, and @ItsChaseMasterson on Instagram. For more on Pop Culture Hero Coalition, please follow @SuperheroIRL and visit www.PopCultureHero.org.


Bullying takes place in many forms – and whether it is on the playground, in school, in the workplace, in relationships, in terrorism, gang membership or war, it is all based on the same dynamics: a power imbalance and aggression that does not belong between humans.

An offender‘s act of apologizing can bring an element of healing to both the offender and their victim – yet many people are never taught how to make apologies, and do not realize the transformation that can happen when apologies are done sincerely.

I’m sorry / VIENNAwill be the first video installation of its kind. Through advance publicity, we will invite people of all ages, who representing any form of bullying, to volunteer to answer six questions on camera:

Who were you?
Who are you now?
Who do you want to say “I’m sorry” to?
What did you do?
What was the effect?
What do you want to say now?

It is our hope that people representing a broad spectrum of bullying and injustice will come forward, including those who have hurt others with childhood bullying, corporate bullying, relationship bullying, systemic injustice, racism, misogyny, LGBTQI+bullying, and cyberbullying.

The segments will be edited together and made available as a complete unit to show at Vienna Art Week on November 16, or for as long as Museumsquartier prefers.

All volunteers will be treated with utmost respect, sensitivity, and compassion throughout the process.

We are working to destigmatize the act of apologizing. Humans make mistakes. We all do.

It is our hope to create versions of I’m sorry with volunteers in other major cities across the globe, with Vienna Museumsquartier premiering this groundbreaking work.

I’m sorry is created by Chase Masterson and author/screenwriter Bob Harris.

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