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Vladimir Bjeličić

Vladimir Bjeličić

Bereich: Performance Art

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Performance Art



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Juni 2018 - Juli 2018

Vladimir Bjeličić was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1983. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Department of Art History. He is active in the field of independent curatorial and artistic practice and is an author of numerous critical articles published both in print and digital media as well as in catalogues of Belgrade artists. He expresses through different performative practices, as well as photography and video works. Since 2015, Bjeličić became the frequent collaborator of the British artist Elly Clarke on the project in progress #SERGINA, which is based on a survey of post-physical gender identity and sexuality on the Internet. In brief, all his work rotates around the politics of representation of physicality in contemporary art, especially in the field of video and performance.

Author/Perfomer, The Plunge, lecture performance, REMONT - Independent Artistic Association, 2017; Author/Perfomer I, Tim Rakewell, lecture performance/ exhibition guiding, Grace Perry: The Vanity of Small Differences, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad, 2017; Co - author/ Co - Perfomer The Creators of Belgrade, with Senka Latinovic as Vocal Curatorial Syndrome, tour guiding/lecture performance/curatorial intervention/ participative action performed to students of Royal Academy of Arts in London and professor David Crowley, Belgrade, 2017; Art critic, „The sale of (artists) parts in the Land of Happiness'', critical review of the exhibitions The Begging and Graphics from the Land of Happiness at Gallery of Fine Arts and the Center for Graphics and Visual Research, daily press Politika, April 2017; Art critic, „The beginning of the end or the end of the Beginning“, critical review of the exhibition Nineties by Srdjan Veljović at Cultural center of Belgrade, daily press Politika, March 2017; Co-performer and collaborator, #SERGINA at LAY OF THE LAND SYMPOSIUM,  HOME Manchester, 2017 ; Lecturer, Presentation: ''Representation of LGBTQ identity in local artistic practices'', Europe, identity, unity conference organized by KulturKontakt (Austria), Stiftung Genshagen (Germany) and Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel (Germany), Kvaka 22 Art Center, Belgrade, 2017; Lecturer, Training and workshop: I am every Wo(man) - Transgender identity and drag as an art form, Sarajevo Open Center, 2017; Participant and co-performer, Learning play New People, Chto Delat’s School of Engaged Art, The Center for Cultural Decontamination, 2016; Co-performer, AN ORGY OF ALGORITHMS AND OTHER DESIRES AND DISTRACTIONS: Performance lecture by #Sergina with Elly Clarke, Munchen Akademie der Bildenen Kunste, November 2016; Art critic, „Conceptual identity – a naive game, a quest for utopia or artist's fate?'', Sweet conceptual artist looking for support, Big solo exhibition of Sweet conceptual artist, Gallery U10, Belgrade, 2016; Curator, Exhibition Body as a regime, gallery Podroom, Cultural centre of Belgrade, 2015.


During the residency, I intend to finalize the ongoing project and to present the lecture performance under the title "Nature unveiled or Stories about plants and workers". I would construct this artistic/curatorial hybrid project in regards to my interest on the issues of (cultural/cultivating) labor and my intimate fascination with flora (the plants that I curate and care about). The primary focus of the project is to question the position of the workers in a relation to the plants which surround them and to examine what can arise from this unusual interaction, perhaps only the possibility of creating the utopia, tranquility, and contemplation or building different ideological and social models that relates to the concepts of non-work and post-work imaginaries which at the same time question the capitalist sins such as laziness and leisure.

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