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Teresa Cos

Teresa Cos

Bereich: Film, Video, Musik

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Film, Video, Musik



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März 2018 - März 2018

Teresa Cos investigates the human condition, understood as the endless negotiation between individual, subjectivities and global societies, embedded conditions of birth and displaced nomadic becomings.Through moving,image, sound and music, she exposes a sort of absurd dynamic stagnation (loop), generated,by the “always different, always the same” repetition of everyday rituals and mesmeric reiteration of socio-political,concepts. The overall attitude is performative, for the work comes from the active observation and intervention,on specific, yet symbolic conjunctions and it aims at conveying the immanency of a live act.

<link http: www.teresacos.com>www.teresacos.com

Teresa Cos


I am applying to the Q21 residency because of a specifi interest in the city of Vienna. In particular its contemporary role of host of some of the most important international organisations in the world- the first of which being the United Nations- and its historical one as capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which until the Great War included the Venezia-Giulia region of Italy, where I was born and raised.

The United Nations were born with the same scope of the European Union, which was that of preventing another such dreadful conflict as World War II and the raise of nationalisms around Europe and the world. The socio-political situation we are currently experiencing, where no distinctions can be made between local and international politics anymore, claims deep reflection over the role of these organisations in truly fulfilling their original intention and how our small human existences are confronted with such enormous structures and narratives.

Expanding on the work I am currently busy with (UU), where some of the above reflections are already in place, I am starting to develop ideas for a new project, which will be presented in a solo exhibition next Fall at the Argos Center for Art and Media in Brussels. I would like to shoot in Vienna part of the video footage that will be installed, alongside a sound installation, in the exhibition. In particular I would like to film the tombstone of Ludwig Boltzmann in the central cemetery of Vienna. Boltzmann theorised the concept of entropy, the phenomenon which would explain our perception of time, intended as a linear succession of events from a past to a future. This distinction has been proven to be non-existing when searched at the infinitely small scale of the quantum particles, time possibly being just a human construction as much as it is perspective. I would also like to film in the circular square of the United Nations headquarters.

This archetypal symbol of power is a recurrent image in my work and it stands for the ever shifting feeling of proximity and distance arising from the confrontation with the apparently unattainable structures which govern nature and society.From Vienna I will carry on towards Trieste, former outpost to the Mediterranean sea of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, recording along the way palpable and imagined traces of history that can expose the importance of such crucial contingencies in the contemporary scenario. The idea is to end this journey in the small coastal town of Duino, where Boltzmann took his own life during a vacation in the “Austrian Riviera”.

During my stay in Vienna my intention is to grow a network of interest around the work by finding opportunities to present it to cultural institutions, professionals and fellow artists, in the hope to find future opportunities to show the final result in Austria, after it will be premiered in Brussels. Although I am already in contact with few artists, friends and curators living in Vienna, this would be my first real opportunity to expand my work in Austria and the support of Q21 would certainly facilitate my understanding of the city and its cultural actors.

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