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Saša Ilić

Saša Ilić

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Februar 2018 - März 2018

Novelist, storyteller, essayist, journalist and civil activist. One of the founders and editors (from Jun 2006. till October 2013) of the literary supplement Beton in newspaper Danas. In December 2013. with Alida Bremer he founded Beton International – newspaper for literature and society. Coeditor (with Jeton Neziraj) of International Literary Festival POLIP in Prishtina. Columnist of web portal Pescanik.net and ELit (literaturhauseuropa.eu). One of the initiators of cultural and literary exchange between Serbia and Kosovo wich supported TRADUKI. Editor of literary web site Komunalinks.com. His prose was translated into French, German, Albanian, Macedonian.


2000 Predosećanje građanskog rata (The Premonition of the Civil War),stories, Free B92, Beograd

2005/06 Berlinsko okno, (The Berlin Window), novel, Fabrikaknjiga, Beograd; Devedeset stupnjeva, Zagreb

2010 Pad Kolumbije (The Fall of Columbia), novel, Fabrikaknjiga, Beograd 2015 Lov na ježeve (Urchin Hunt), stories, Fabrika knjiga,Belgrade

2015 Dušanovac. Pošta (Dušanovac. Post-office), graphic novel Mediterran Publishing, Novi Sad.

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Saša Ilić


I'm now working on a novel (working title: DOG AND DOUBLE BASS) about a psychiatrist Dezider Julius (Pantschowa, KundK, 1895 – Zagreb, Croatia, SFRJ, 1953), who was working as a doctor in the Psychiatric clinic in Kovin, on the left bank of the Danube (1924-1934).Before the World War I the hospitalbuilding served the Austro-Hungarian army barracks (1914-1918), which has been adapted for the needs of psychiatry after the war.

I want to research documents about KundK military architecture in Vienna’s archives.The second part of my novel is about a contemporary jazz musician, who was hospitalized in the same Psychiatric clinic in Kovin, after having been in a car accident. He studied jazz in Graz and was professionaly connected with the jazz scene in Vienna and Graz. So I would like if I could research and write my novel in Vienna. In accordance with my literary topics, I would be particularly interesting the following Vienna’s institutions and their archives: Sigmund Freud Museum, Architekturzentrum Wein, Jewish Museum Vienna and also Austrain National Library. I would like to tell a story about the people in conditions of cruel transition between the socialist and capitalist systems in former Yugoslavia, and after in post-Yu period.

I am particularly interested in the history of institutions that are specialized in the isolation and treatment of people, who can’t adapt to the new conditions of life that is rapidly changing. Psychiatric clinic in Kovin is the contact point between Yugoslavisa and Austria-Hungarys past and future and functions as a metaphor of transformation of two closed institutions: from the army to psychiatry. On the other side is jazz as a fight for the personal space of freedom in the time of intolerance.

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