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Marta Pajek

Marta Pajek

Bereich: Animationsfilm

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Tricky Women


September 2018 - November 2018

Marta Pajek is an independent author of animated films, connected to the Warsaw based Animoon Studio. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow Faculty of Graphic, where she specialized in animated film in the workshop of Jerzy Kucia. She is the author of a number of animated shorts, among which are 'Sleepincord', (Tricky Women Award of the City of Vienna 2012), 'Impossible Figures and other stories II' (Grand Prix at the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2017) and 'III', which premiered in the Cannes Shorts competition this year. Apart from creating auteur films, she cooperates with animated film and theatre directors and teaches workshops for children.


The project developed during the residency will be a dystopian vision of the end of our civilization. It is is a part of an animated film triptych, called 'Imposible Figures and other stories', which consists of three animated short films. They are based on the idea of an impossible figure – one, which can be drawn according to all rules of perspective, but cannot be constructed in reality. Each of the stories describes such an impossible situation – simple at first, but filled with paradoxes and traps, as we get deeper into it. Part III is set in the space between two lovers, part II in a house. In part I, it is the civilisation, embodied by the city, which is such an impossible figure. It's development, slowly, but inevitably, leads to self-destruction.

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