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Rachel-Rose O'Leary

Rachel-Rose O'Leary

Bereich: Digitale Kunst, Theorie

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Digitale Kunst, Theorie


Amsterdam (NLD)

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RIAT – Research Institute for Arts & Technology


Februar 2017 - Februar 2017

Rachel-Rose O’Leary (IRL) is an artist and writer currently based in Amsterdam. Her research concerns philosophy, encryption technologies, and eroticism. As an artist she explores methods of concept dissemination such as online publishing, workshops, and street wear. She is a project member of MALWARE: weaponized tech wearables, a company issuing jewellery design equipped with computer viruses. She is editor and writer at Leditie.nl, an Amsterdam-based magazine investigating the technological frontiers with a particular emphasis on crypto. She is also a board member of the Blockchain Association of Ireland, and is currently attending the Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Institute. She received a BA in Visual Arts Practice from IADT, Dublin in 2014, and was awarded the Visual Artists Award for Best Graduate.

Entropy + Encryption (the occult is the basis to construct a rational system via it’s abolition), silent lecture 8th January 2017, Verso Live, Amsterdam
Cannibalism and zoophilia/ Post Punk and necrophilia/ Nihilism and poetic metre, introductions to film screenings by Petros Panagiotis Orfanos at the Rietveld Pavillon,  25-26th October 2016
A scream running backwards in time, Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, 7th October 2016

RchlTrsRs: Re: Fwd: Re: Work, in collaboration with Teresa Gillespie, Critical Bastards Magazine Issue 3, November 2016
Infantile Access, solo exhibition with Liquid Gallery, April 2016
Ghost story (key=void)/ binary dissolution, <link https: www.tumblr.com blog_auth binarydissolution _blank>Various, October 2015
List of microorganisms that have been tested in outer space, Colony Magazine Issue 3 Magic, 2014

Insects swarm car amazing, 10 min horror short, prelude to death rock band Katie Kruel concert, December 10th 2016 Rotterdam

Solving the problem of space time, blockchain workshop, 3rd October 2015 Sandberg Institute 
‘Pataphysics Reading Group, Projects Arts Centre 2014 and the Spire, O’Connell Street 2015.

(A=0) The archive of epistemic collapse, in collaboration with Petros Panagiotis Orfanos, The Wandering School, MACAO, Milano April 2016 

Flesh eating computer virus, solo exhibition, MACAO Milano April 2016
Panspermia, Noord Kerk, Amsterdam October 2015
Lacuna, Taylor Gallery, Dublin April 2014
The Obituary curated by Kate Strain, Project Arts Centre Dublin 2014,
Death in the afternoon curated by Kate Strain, Project Arts Centre Dublin 2014

<link http: e-rot.tumblr.com>e-rot.tumblr.com

Rachel-Rose O'Leary


Rachel-Rose O’Leary is an artist and writer who research concerns philosophy, encryption technologies, and eroticism. During her residency at Q21 she intends to further her research on the dynamic between ambiguous natural languages and the operational imperatives native to computer programming- the “science of operations” (Ada Lovelace). She is interesting in developing a literary system that can compress descriptive language into demonstrative form, while collaborating with RIAT in order to contextualize this within a wider context of cryptopolitics.

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