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Jasmine Powell

Jasmine Powell

Bereich: Kunstforschung

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Lille, Frankreich

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RIAT – Research Institute for Arts & Technology


Mai 2017 - Mai 2017

Jasmine Powell is an artist and writer who currently resides in France. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a PhD, both from Sydney College of the Arts. Her thesis explained the connection between individualism and the artist throughout modernity, while also exploring how creativity can often be fuelled by subjective visions of the world. Jasmine also spent time studying at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris and at the Universität der Künste in Berlin.

Jasmine works with video, installation, sound and photography, and her work has been included in various exhibitions and screenings in Australia, the USA and Europe. Her work features numerous approaches including: the reworking of archive footage; a sort of amateur urban ethnography; and sculptural installation. In 2006 she acted as Director of Newspace Gallery, the former gallery of the SCA student union. From 2008-2012 Jasmine worked at the University of Western Sydney across various roles, including research, project management and tutoring. In 2013 Jasmine contributed two pedagogical articles to 72 Assignments: The Foundation Course in Art and Design Today, published by Paris College of Art Press.

<link http: runway.org.au category board-members jasmine-powell>runway.org.au/category/board-members/jasmine-powell

Jasmine Powell


During the residency at the Museumsquartier I will continue research on my ongoing project ‘the UNESCO effect’. This project investigates the ways in which artistic values have permeated heritage policies, urban design, and politics, notably in Europe in the last

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