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Gergely Nagy

Gergely Nagy

Bereich: Kunsttheorie, Journalismus, Literatur, Kunstkritik

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Kunsttheorie, Journalismus, Literatur, Kunstkritik



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tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


Juni 2017 - Juni 2017

from 2013: editor in chief for artPortal, Hungary's leading contemporary art webzine
from2012:freelance journalist and auditor
2009-2012: editor for Nök Lapja, Hungary's best selling weekly magazine
2000-2009: journalist at HGV political weekly
from 1999: contributor for Müértö contemporary art monthly
1993-1998:editor and presenter for M.T.V., Hungary's public service televison

from 2013: OFF-Biennale Budapest (communication expert, spoke person)

Simon és Simon (Simon and Simon) - a novel (2016, Kalligram, Budapest)
Angst - a novel (2007, Ulpius Haz, Budapest)
Basszus! (Loud!) - a novel (2003, Palatinus, Budapest)
Adjatok egy pontot (Give me a point) - short stories (2000, Palatinus, Budapest)

Gergely Nagy


As an art critic and editor of Hungary's biggest contemporary art website I'm interested in the proceedings and development of the art field, art system as a whole and the social and political context of contemporary art. My main fields of interest are non-profit gallery scene, grass root initiatives, new practices in art, socially, politically engaged art and - given the fact that I'm an editor - art magazines, webzines. I'm curious about how individuals and organisations, actors of the art field are functioning, how they work, communicate and fundraise. I'm interested in sustainable models.
I have the luck to work for Hungary's first totally independently organised contemporary art biennal, OFF-Biennale Budapest right from the beginning (2014). We witnessed that the contemporary art scene in Hungary is facing several problems. The established, "institutional" art is less and less relevant while more and more controlled by the state and cannot resist the government's pressure to be loyal. While the scene outside the walls of the state run institutions seems to be vibrant, interesting and more and more productive. OFF-Biennale Budapest has come to life as a response and reaction for the current situation but we had to see that the scene is lacking not only funding and institutional background but also experience, partnerships , techniques of survival, connections with the international scene.
I am intended to write about my  experience - asking notes probably in the form of a blog or short articles and making interviews during my time in Vienna.

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