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Céline Devaux & Brecht Evens

Céline Devaux & Brecht Evens

Bereich: Experimental Cinema, Animationsfilm

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Frankreich / Niederlande


Experimental Cinema, Animationsfilm


Paris / Hasselt

Empfehlende Institution

VIS Vienna Shorts


Mai 2017 - Mai 2017

Céline Devaux, born 1987, is a French director and illustrator. After graduating in French Literature and History from the Sorbonne, she studied animation film at the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD) in Paris. Her graduation film Life and Death of the Illustrious Rasputin, was selected and awarded in festivals throughout the world, including International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand and Premiers Plans Festival. She now lives and works in Paris on diverse projects in visual arts and animation/experimental film. Her last short movie, Sunday Lunch, premiered in the Official Competition at the Cannes Festival in 2015 and has received many awards since, including the 2016 César for best animation short.

Brecht Evens (b. 1986, Hasselt, Belgium) graduated as an illustrator in 2008, at Sint-Lucas Ghent.
Since then he's written and drawn three comic books/graphic novels: The Wrong Place, The Making Of (translated in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Korean) and more recently Panther, for now available only in Dutch and French. Side projects were a 'Travel Book' about Paris for Louis Vuitton (due in april 2016), clothing with Cotélac, a children's cd/book (Les Cromosaures de l'Espace, written and composed by Wladimir Anselme), a 200 m2 'comic wall' in Antwerp, musical live-drawing sessions with Randall Casaer, exhibitions, short stories, posters and illustrations for books and press. He lives in Paris since 2013.

Awards and nominations:
Nomination Figures Futur Prix Illustration, 2008
Stripvos best Dutch-language comic book, , 2009
Willy Vandersteenprijs , beste Nederlandstalig album, 2010
Fauve/Prix d'Audace BD Angoulême2011
Nomination Eisner Award, 2011
Sélection officielle BD Angoulême, 2012
Nomination Gouden Uil literature prize, 2012
Nomination 20 best belgian comics , 2014
Sélection officielle Angoulême, 2015

Ceci n'est pas la BD flamande , Angoulême group show , 2009
Hier und jetzt, Fumetto comic festival , Luzern , solo show, 2010
Biennale Arts Le Havre , group show , 2010
Bilbolbul comic festival , Bologna, solo show 2011
Galerie Martel, Paris , solo show, 2011
La Boîte a Gand , Angoulême, group show , 2013
Galerie Martel, Paris , solo show 2014
Art Paris, with Galerie Martel, 2015
Le Meilleur des Mondes, solo show, Aix-en-Provence, 2016

<link https: vimeo.com celinedevaux _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>vimeo.com/celinedevaux
<link http: www.brechtevens.com>www.brechtevens.com

Céline Devaux & Brecht Evens


Short film (animated found footage) - exhibition (drawings)
Anatomy of a relationship - how a couple's image, intensity in feelings or mere existence might depend on a social group's projection - friends, family, social structures.

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