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Micah Hesse

Micah Hesse

Bereich: Animation, Video

Illuminatic, still © Micah Hesse

Lobbyless, still © Micah Hesse

Lobbyless, still © Micah Hesse

Lobbyless, still © Micah Hesse

Lobbyless, still © Micah Hesse

Without A Company, still © Micah Hesse

Without A Company, still © Micah Hesse

© Micah Hesse

Key Facts




Animation, Video


New York City

Empfehlende Institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


Jänner 2017 - Jänner 2017

b. 1991, New Mexico, USA. Working in New York City.
Graduated from The Cooper Union School of Art, 2013

On Item #8 (group show), Agnes Maybach, Cologne
A Thousand Friends (Part 2) (group show), New Jörg, Vienna
The Kids Want Communism – Second Installment (group show), Museum of Bat Yam (MoBY), Tel Aviv
Der Würfel – Lobbyless, Neumeister Bar-am, Berlin
Exo Exo, Material Art Fair, Mexico City

Factory Fetish (group show), West Space, Melbourne
Needless to Say I Have Some Unusual Habits (w/ Antoine Donezeaud), Fondazione Rivoli2, Milan
Telepathy or Esperanto? (group show), Futura, Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague
Straddle the Line Between Form and Function (group show), Galerie Jerome Pauchant, Paris
an eye for an eye w/ Daniel Boccato, Kasia Michalski Gallery, Warsaw
Uncurated Pavillion, The Wrong Digital Art Biennial Museo Universitaro Del Chopo, Mexico City

Into Spirits (solo show), The Cooper Union, New York

Open Sessions 7, Drawing Centre, Soho
The Others Art Fair, The others Screen, Turin
PAF New York, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn
GENIUS LOCI | spirit of place, Driveway 327, Los Angeles
Bouquet Complex: A Collective Screening, Kimberly-Klark, Queens
Speculation and Counter–Speculation (symposium), Museum of Bat Yam (MoBY), Tel Aviv
Office Riddim, ISSUE Project Room, Brooklyn

Lobbyless on DISmagazine
Lonely Without A Company on DISmagazine

<link http: micahhesse.com _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>Micahhesse.com 


'Shampaigne' (working title) is an upcoming animation work with the general subject matter being ‘firearms’. Drawing inspiration from the culture of America’s super-gun-owners who own an average of 17+ firearm, as well as major gun-related occurances in recent history, the video will intertwine classic tropes of animation with the reality-bending possibilities of computer generated images. Digitally created drawings and computer generated models/simulations will be composited onto real video footage filmed on walks throughout the city.


I am so thankful for the opportunity to stay in MQ for the days in January. I have been working furiously on a new video piece that is due to be shown in Berlin in less than 2 months, but until then I wont have any images to share of the work I commenced at the residency. But, as I was color correcting video footage today, I did find this image of MuseumsQuartier, and thought I would share it with you

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