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Maize Wallin

Maize Wallin

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Dezember 2016 - Jänner 2017

Maize Wallin is a Melbourne based composer, a curator and creator of live art shows. Maize works predominantly in installation and live art, most recently directing Encounters , a large scale public art installation for Summer Salt and White Night festivals by Microsoft Social NUI lab and VCA. Maize currently teaches Composition for Interactive Media at the Australian Institute of Music in Melbourne.
Maize has also recently exhibited Terraphone with Thomas Ingram at Arts Centre Melbourne's Channel for Open Melbourne, and Climarte Festival's Maldives Exodus Caravan at Federation Square and Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk, Poland . Maize is also well known for creating the Game Art Melbourne Exhibition, codirecting Glitchmark's Holograph conference in 2014, and musical instrument videogame series, CTRL_Coda with Amani Nasseem. As well as directing and managing events, Maize is involved as a consultant or guest speaker or lecturer at other arts and tech events in Melbourne.
While Maize has done extensive work in prominent Melbourne galleries and museums, such as Arts Centre Melbourne, Fort Delta and the Ian Potter Museum of Art, she also works regularly as a composer for theatre, film and games. Her passion lies in live arts and interdisciplinary collaborations.

The following is a selection of projects, works, and conference involvement.
Bachelor of Fine Arts (contemporary music – interactive composition) Victorian College of the Arts | University of Melbourne Nov 2014
Graduate Certificate in Community Arts Engagement - Victorian College of the Arts | University of Melbourne Sep 2015
• Encounters (co-director) - 5x10x5m interactive public art installation with Microsoft Social NUI lab and Victorian College of the Arts
• Terraphone (composer and producer) - producer to visual programmer, Thomas Ingram and composer to exhibitions of Tiny Planet at Arts Centre Melbourne, and Climarte Festival's Maldives Exodus Caravan at Federation Square and Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk, Poland
• Ctrl_Coda (co-director and composer) series of video games controlled by musical instruments, touring exhibition
• PAX Aus (live composer on "Nanojam - Designing a game in 45 minutes")
• Freeplay Independent Games Festival (panel speaker on Games in the Arts World: Five Perspectives and Contexts of Games and Playand Collective Intelligence, and guest composer on Dynamic Music in Games)
• Game Art Melbourne Exhibition (exhibition featuring the work of Glitchmark members) director, studio/artist liaison, sales, copyright clearance
• Holograph Conference 2014 (co-director and speaker as presented by Glitchmark) 'Procedural Generation', 'A History of Sound', ‘Ian Potter Sound Walk’
• Glitchmark (2013- collective of artists focused on creating playful experiences) codirector with Harry Lee and Harrison Smith
• DiGRAA 2014 Guest panel speaker on ‘indie gaming communities outside scholarly pursuits’
• PAX Aus 2014 Guest panel speaker on ‘Where to now for Australian Game Development?’ (with Mark Serrels, Chris Wright, Clara Reeves, Morgan Jaffit and Tony Lawrence) and 'Solo Games Development' (with Izzy Gamp, Alexander Bruce, Chris Johnson and Ken Wong)
• Freeplay Australian Independent Games Festival (co-director of music game showcase)
• Holograph (hosted by the Ian Potter Museum of Art) co-director and speaker on ‘Suck it, Pythagoras: A History of Sound’
• Australasian Computer Music Conference (featured in Warren Burt's 60x60)
• Victorian College of the Arts LA & NYC Global Atelier AWARD (sponsored intensive arts trip to Venice Beach and New York)
• Conjunct (inter-arts show) Director, composer
• Resonating Spaces (Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne) composer
• Grimwade Research Pop-Up Exhibition Project (Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne) composer, curator
• DDR Sound Body (DDR game and dance) Composer, Director, Producer
• Victorian College of the Arts encouragement award for innovation (Monetary grant)
• Friends of the Victorian College of the Arts encouragement award (Monetary grant)

<link http: www.maizewallin.com>www.maizewallin.com

Maize Wallin


At the Q21 residency, I will be exploring methods of creating musical instruments for other disciplines. In the past I have created pedometres for atheletes that control rhythms, noise notepads for writers and chord mapped stages for actors. I hope to further explore this notion within the realm of more encompassing audio and video instruments. Playing with how balances between audio, visual and interaction can be achieved by exploring our biases, common prior knowledge, and learning techniques.

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