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Lindita Komani

Lindita Komani

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Juni 2016 - Juni 2016

Lindita Komani (1979) studied business and finance at the University of Graz (Austria) where she specialized further in master studies in financial and industrial management as well as management and international business; furthermore she completed also master studies in EU Business Law at the University of Tirana (Albania). Her professional life is dedicated to consultancy and management as well as writing. Lindita has been active in the NGO sector by contributing in the establishment and further development of several NGOs working in the scientific area as well as youth entrepreneurship and youth development in Austria, Kosovo, Albania, Belgium and EU wide.

Since 2003 Lindita has been publishing literary works in several Albanian literary reviews such as Poeteka, Mehr Licht, Milosao, ars, Fjala, Ars Poetica.

In the years 2009-2010 she was part of the literary workshop “Leben Erzählen” (a project of uniT Graz and Afro-Asiatisches Institut) in Graz, Austria, aiming at discovering and supporting foreign authors aiming at improving their writing skills in German. During this time, Lindita participated at a reading at Grüne Akademie (2009) and was part of the project Fremdsehen (a project of unit Graz and Afro-Asiatisches Institut, part of Festival “Regionale X) and a writer in residence in Gössenberg in July 2010. In 2011 she was again invited by Afro-Asiatisches Institut to read as Albanian Author in Graz.

Back in Tirana, Lindita published her first book, a collection of poetry 2012. The book was selected in the short list (Category Debuting Authors 2012) of 3 books (the others two being a novel and a literary study) in the yearly competition organized by the Ministry of Culture of Albania. Her second book, a volume of short stories “Në gjuhën e zgjimit – In the Tongue of Awakening” got published in 2015 by Botime Poeteka.

In 2014 Lindita was one of the authors representing Albania in May at the Book Fair and Festival of Authors vRIsak (Rijeka, Croatia) and later on in October in the Festival „Review Small Literatures“ in Zagreb and the anthology Revija malih književnosti Albanija published on this occasion.

In September 2015 she spent a month of literary residence in Split as part of the TRADUKI program to support the exchange of writers and after that, in October she was an invited participant in the 150 years celebrations of Alice in Wonderland in New York as a contributor for the Albanian language in the project/book “Alice in a World of Wonderlands” (a book of three volumes presenting the translations of “Alice in Wonderland” in 174 languages and dialects).

In January 2016 Lindita in cooperation with three other authors from Albania initiated TransformART, a platform meant to serve young Albanian writers which will offer them the opportunity of reading and hearing the other new and young voices in the country and from the Albanian Diaspora. Today (January 20) it was announced that her entry in the regional short story competition Biber (with the subject: reconciliation) was selected in the short list of stories that will be published in a multilingual book.


Postimpresion – Post-Impression. Publisher: Ombra GVG, Tirana, November 2012. ISBN: 978-9928-06-047-7
“Në gjuhën e zgjimit” (In the Tongue of the Awakening), Short stories, 2015; ISBN: 978-9928-4265-7-4; Publisher: Botimet Poeteka.
Alice in a World of Wonderlands (Contributor, Albanian language), ISBN: 978-1-58456-331-0; Publisher: Oak Knoll Press


Revija malih književnosti Albanija, Zagreb, 2014.
Translated into Croatian - represented with the short story: Gjokset – Breasts. Translator: Shkëlzen Maliqi.
Publications of her own work in literary reviews: Poeteka, Mehr Licht, Milosao, ars, Fjala, Ars Poetica.
Translations into Albanian from German and English of work of Ingeborg Bachmann, Georg Trakl, Robert Musil, Stefan Zweig, Karl Kraus, Alida Bremer, Charles Bukowski, published in: Poeteka, Milosao, ars.

Lindita Komani


Write poetry about people in Vienna to become part of the forthcoming work of poetry which in project holds the title „People“;
Characters and scenes about Vienna environment/scenery and Viennese people as neighbours for the forthcoming work of prose which in title hold „Neighbours“;
Essay about Vienna and Essay about Austria in EU-perspective as part of the project „FELIX EUROPA“, Essays based on travel notes and diary.

Research on following subjects:
Presentation of (efforts towards) Albania independence in Austrian press (1912) for a non-fiction project; Presentation of (efforts towards) Kosovo independence in Austrian press (2008) for a non-fiction project; Milan Šufflay (documents about his work in Vienna related to Albanology) for a fiction project.


Various spots I visited during my residency: Stephansdom, Volksgarten, Leopold Museum, MUMOK, Volkstheater („Wir Hunde“ im Rahmen der Wiener Festwochen und „Alte Meister“, Ausstellung „As the rights go by“ – Q21/Museumsquartier, Schmetterlinghaus, Albertina, Prunksaal Nationalbibliothek (Ausstellung Kaiser Franz Joseph), Nationalbibliothek (Recherche), Jüdisches Museum, Literaturhaus, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Literatur, Donau City und Donauturm, Porgy & Bess (Orges Toce & Okus – Rockus Band; Markus Geiselhart Orchestra & Ray Anderson), 21er Haus (Book signing Jonas Mekas, Ausstellung Oswald Oberhuber), Theatermuseum, Alte Schmiede, MAK (Technopolitics, Ausstellung), Designforum (Ausstellung „Austrian Design Explosion“), Sigmund Freud Museum, Dschungel Wien (Szene Bunte Wähne, #fomo – the fear of missing out), Mozarthaus.

Cities I visited: Graz, Bratislava.

Interview with Q21:
<link https: www.mqw.at blog in-der-mariahilferstrasse-ist-die-welt-los _blank> www.mqw.at/blog/in-der-mariahilferstrasse-ist-die-welt-los/

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