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Juan Pablo Cámara & Michele Rizzo

Juan Pablo Cámara & Michele Rizzo

Bereich: Performance

Key Facts


Argentinien / Italien




Amsterdam (NDL)

Empfehlende Institution



März 2016 - März 2016

Juan Pablo Cámara:
Academic Background
School for New Dance Development (SNDO)
AHK (Theater school)
Amsterdam, Holland
September 2013-...
Currently following the third year program
Espacio LEM (Space for the development and promotion of performing Arts)
Training and researching programme for Performers Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nora Moseinco Theatre
School Acting training
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Awarded with Argentinean national grant for dance education (Fondo Nacional de las Artes) by National Fund for the Arts, 2013.
Dance-WEB scholarship holder 2015, Impulstanz Festival, Vienna, Austria.

Artistic Work
Dark Field Analysis, by Jefta Van Dinther; performer. Premiere in Tanz im August
Festival 2017, Berlin, Germany.
Afternoon, a performance by Zuzanna Ratajczyk; performer. Yvonne Lambert
Gallery, Berlin, Germany, December 2015.
Analog, dance performance by Juan Pablo Cámara. School for New Dance
Development, 2015.
Higher, by Michele Rizzo; performer. Co-production Frascati Theatre.
Premiere ‘Something Raw Festival’, Frascati Theatre, 2015
Arche-o-logy, performance by Juan Pablo Cámara. School for new Dance
Development, 2015.
Anydog, by Maciej Sado; performer and collaborator in making. Premiered at School for new Dance Development, November 2014, Amsterdam.
Heaven on Earth, by Gertjan Franciscus; performer, premiered in Frascati
Theatre, September 2014, Amsterdam.
Buddhists also masturbate, performer, premiere in Het Veem
Theatre, choreography by Oneka Von Schrader, 2014.
Was it a car or a cat I saw?, performer, premiered at School for New
Dance Development and also performed at Mandala Festival (Wroclaw,
Polland), choreography by Maciej Sado, 2014.
Un gesto salvaje (A savage gesture), performer. Choreography by Alina Folini.
Premiered at Buenos Aires Festival de Danza Contemporanea. 2012
La Tierra tendra dos Soles, assitant director. Choreography by Luis Garay.
Coproduction Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Premiered in 2012.
Par t es, video-installation, maker. Espacio LEM, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012.
The Divine Comedy, assistant director. Choreography by Luis Garay. Centro Cultural de la Cooperacion, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012.
Boulevard Atlantico, dance-video, maker. Participated in Festival Internacional de Video-danza, Buenos Aires Argentina, 2012.
Larvaria, video-art, maker. Participated in Bang Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 2012.
Actividad Mental, assistant director. Choreography by Luis Garay. Premiered at FIBA international performance festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Coproduction FIBA and Nerinium Foundation, Basel Switzerland, 2011.
Paseos Inutiles (Useless walks), performer. Choreography by Luis Garay.
Ciudanza Festival, Buenos Aires Argentina, 2011.
Trabajos, performer and maker. Directed by Viviana Iasparra and Melina Seldes. Espacio LEM, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011.

Michele Rizzo:

Visual Art Master at Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, Dirty Art Department, 2015.
BA in choreography at School for New Dance Development (SNDO), Amsterdam, 2012.
Exibitions, festivals and commissions between 2014 and 2016.
Performance installation by Michele Rizzo. (upcoming)
Something Raw Festival 2017, Frascati Theatre Amsterdam.
Program Season 2017, Dansmakers Amsterdam.
Series of movement practices through out the year 2016. (upcoming)
Commision by If I Can’t Dance I don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution.
If I Can’t Dance I don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution Gallery, Amsterdam.
Video work by Michele Rizzo.
Deborah Bowmann Gallery, Brussels, Jenuary-February 2016.
MALE FA MALE “Objects of self-forgetfullness made by themselves”.
Installation by Michele Rizzo.
Media Art Friesland 2015, Leuwarden, November-December 2015.
Dance performance by Michele Rizzo.
Something Raw Festival, Frascati Theatre Amsterdam, February 2015.
Program season 2015, Frascati Theatre Amsterdam, September 2015.
Nederlans Dans Dagen Festival, Mastricht, October 2015.
Program season 2015, Campo Ghent, December 2015.
Dance performance by Michele Rizzo.
Commision by Junior Company of the Dutch National Ballet.
Lightness Festival, Mediamatic Gallery Amsterdam, July 2014.
Concert performance by Michele Rizzo in collaboration with Danilo Colonna and Gertjan Franciscus.
Flam Festival, Arti et Amicitiae Gallery Amsterdam, May 2014.
Performance by Julian Hatzel.
Choreography by Michele Rizzo.
FrasLab Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam.
Spring Festival, Utrecht;
Program season 2014, STUK Leuven, Novemebr 2014.
Program season 2014, BRUT Vienna, February 2015.
Performance by Michele Rizzo.
Something Raw Festival 2014, Frascati Theatre Amsterdam, Novemebr 2014.
Now and Next Festival, Tanzhuis Dusseldorf, February 2014.
From 2014 he is guest teacher in movement research and choreography at SNDO, School for New Dance
Development, Amsterdam.
Recepient of the 3 Package Deal subsidy by AFK, Amsterdam Fonds for the Kunst in 2015-2016.

<link https: michelerizzo.wordpress.com>michelerizzo.wordpress.com

Juan Pablo Cámara & Michele Rizzo


We will investigate around hospitality and participation aspects in contemporary Vienna, with the goal of producing poetic and performative material. The performances will be created in collaboration with members of the former gasterbeiters community which will be casted directly from the city, during the research part of the residency, happening in March.
We will work also with Viennese artist Florentina Holzinger with whom we share artistic interest in creating work with non professionals, and who will also play key role in establishing communication with the community.

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