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Jasna Dimitrijević

Jasna Dimitrijević

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Juli 2016 - Juli 2016

Jasna Dimitrijević (1979, Negotin), studied General Literature and Theory of Literature. Literary critic and short fiction publishes in regional magazines and  collections (Poučak o nizovima, Booksa, Beton, Ulaznica, Zarez, Beležnica, Novi kaos, Arteist, Urbani vračevi, Literatura, Liceulice, Lichtungen). Her stories were awarded at regional stories competitions (Vranac, Beležnica, Ulaznica). Author of the short stories collection Prepoznavanja (Recognitions, 2015) that was published as an awarded manuscript of the first book at the competition organized by Library Karlo Bijelicki (Sombor) and got shortlisted for the awards Biljana Jovanović and Dušan Vasiljev. Co-organisator of the first Biber competition for short stories about reconciliation, written in Albanian, Macedonian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Croatian and Serbian language, and co-editor of multilingval collection of selected stories. Precarious worker.

Jasna Dimitrijević


I am working on a short story collection. Working title: Priče o novim zanatima (Stories about new crafts). Being a precarious worker for a long time, I got close to a lot of unusual, non-traditional ways for earning money, legal or illegal, that I found inspirational positions for characters to tell a story. I would like to perform the narrative of the oppressed, because those are the voices less heard in the public discourse, and I can’t find a better voice than art to make these positions more visible. I am interested in margin, immigrational policy, possibilities of civil disobedience, women's emancipation, sexuality, poverty, dealing with the past in context of wars in former Yugoslavia and culture of remembrance. I'm trying to achieve a successful cooperation between art and activism, one that doesn’t reduce literature to pamphlets, and activism to the fight “against”. Fighting “for” is something I am interested in.


I’ve arrived in Vienna with drafts, notes and previously shaped ideas for some short stories. All I needed was the time to work on it, and I was very excited about the opportunity to finish that work in Vienna. But, when I’ve started to write, I’ve noticed that I am much more interested in something different: I’ve started to write poetry and intimate prose fragments, mostly on fears that I missed to deal with, in life and literature. Maybe I needed to be removed from my environment to open such topics. As a result, I made a collection of dozen poems, under the working title Strah od odgovora (Fear from answers), and some short stories related to remembrance, childhood, grief, absence, loss. I’ve sent to some literary contests those works that I was the most satisfied with.
I also have pleasure to participate in Das Sommerloch festival as one of 15 artists who created the performance in Literaturpassage in MQ. More about my cooperation with those inspiring people can be found on following link: <link http: www.textfeldsuedost.com sommerloch-literaturfestival sommerloch-2016>www.textfeldsuedost.com/sommerloch-literaturfestival/sommerloch-2016/ 
This artist-in-residence program opened me for some new expressions, like performance and poetry, which gave me unexpected perspective for growth as an artist.

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