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Giorgia Conceição

Giorgia Conceição

Bereich: Performance

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frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


Oktober 2016 - Oktober 2016

Giorgia Conceição is a Brazilian artist three times awarded by the Rumos Itaú Cultural (a very important program in Brazil). She develops her art through the body, generating actions, images and concepts. In her artworks, she builds the concept of „Burla“, a Latin word extracted from the frame of the burlesque genre (the noun burla generates the adjective burlesque). Burla presents itself as a strategy for the creation of the body which wants to heal from its scars, some of which are as well as those deriving from colonialism and stereotyping, giving visibility to powers and characteristics prevented from developing within the discourses of colonial and rationalist tradition.
She usually develops herself as a solo performer, or as a director of projects with other artists. Sometimes she is invited by other performers and choreographers to join in their projects. Giorgia has already worked with Tadasu Takamine (Japan), Xavier Le Roy (German/France), Marcelo Evelin (Brazil), among others. As a proponent and director, she has invited the international burlesque artists Julie Atlas Muz and Dirty Martini (USA) to join in her project „Burla: deviations, contrasts and other carnivals“. This project was realized among New York City, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Giorgia is director and curator of the Brazilian Burlesque Festival YNTB. She was an artist in residence in the AIR Program of KulturKontakt Austria, from April to June, 2016. Giorgia Conceição showed her performance COUP at the Kunstraum NÖ, on 10th of June, in Vienna.

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Giorgia Conceição


I will develop the second step of the performance COUP. The first one I've showed at Kunstraum NÖ on 10th of June, 2016. This performance is about the politic situation in Brazil right now. I made the performance COUP because the young democracy in Brazil is being threatened by a parliamentary coup (by the third time in our recent history). How could I respond to this assault of our liberty? I embodied the Burla to transform what these facts make into myself. It is the opposite of be submissive. The laughter here is an important point because it is derisive. I'll use the one month of the residence to create the second step of this artwork and study some ways through it can be formalized after the action itself (audiovisual registration, objects, performance reliques, etc).

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