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Edin Konjhodžič

Edin Konjhodžič

Bereich: Literatur

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Bosnien und Herzegowina





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Dezember 2016 - Dezember 2016

Published work
Rječnik Robova, 2003. Nova Osjecajnost, Zenica.
Articles, essays and short stories (selected):
Čovjek i Sarajevo, Lica, Sarajevo, 1998.
Nivrijeme, Odjek, Sarajevo, 1999.
Tiberia u operi, Odjek, Sarajevo, 2000.
Posljednja knjiga, Odjek, Sarajevo, 2001.
Eficijentni prosjak, Odjek, Sarajevo, 2002.
Pro – neologizam, Odjek, Sarajevo, 2002.
Grupni portret u izgorjeloj kući, Sarajevo, 2003.
Ormar¸ Sarajevo, Odjek, Sarajevo, 2003.
Crvena ruža bijele boje, Život, Sarajevo, 2003.
Ein Land namens Vorstadt, Strobelt Literatur, Warendorf, 2008.
Gruppenbild in ausgebranntem Haus, Strobelt Literatur, Warendorf, 2008.
Motiv Fausta i totalitarizam XX stoljeća, Odjek, Sarajevo, 2008.
Dijalog generacija, Minimalbooks, Varšava, 2008.
Hannes D. Galter: Mahrama ili zar, historija kulture jednog orijentalnog fenomena, Ljiljan, Sarajevo, 2004.
Georg Büchner: Pismo fatalizma,Odjek, Sarajevo, 2005.  
Casper Walter; Sloterdijk Peter: Religija nije nikada cool, Odjek, Sarajevo,2007.

Edin Konjhodžič


During my residence in Vienna, I have two goals. The first one is connected with my work as the vice president of Writer’s association in Bosnia and Herzegovina-- I would like to gain insight into the work of Writers’ associations in Austria and to establish better cooperation between associations and writers from two countries. Additionally, I would like to exchange ideas with my colleges in order to modernize our work in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Austria as a country of culture with long tradition and so many famous writers is a great choice for that.       
Second goal is, as expected, my own writing. For ten years now, I’ am working on my novel, searching and archiving materials, trying to polish a parable about destiny of my city. Vienna was the source for my short stories and probably the biggest inspiration for my book from 2003. The opportunity to interact with other writers from different cultures and languages has a great effect on my writing and can give me a chance to finish my novel.           


Only such unique place as MuseumsQuartier, full of art and buzzing art-lovers, can give you inspiration to complete your never ending short stories, and provoke swarm of rising new plots. It’s studio writer in residence, and  his surrounding parallel worlds, Mariahilfer Strasse, in front of you, famous for shopping, and all museums  with their tales behind you. Vienna is at Christmas time actually kingdom of light, but it was actually during December 2017, the month of political stories and repeated election that gave me loud and clear insight in mindsets of people on the street and it was not so hard to explore emotional amalgam and how people were charged with emotions in Austria. It was inspiration not only for my book of short stories, it was exceptional ambient that move my thoughts in the direction of new essays.   
During my walks in Vienna, I was always inspired by city that live culture, plotting in my head new stories and meeting extraordinary intellectuals of Vienna who boosted more and more my need of writing new essays. In Vienna you have touch with contemporary art and writers, and at same time you are exposed to ubiquitous culture of Donau Monarchy that wont you leave unimpressed.

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