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Dudu Quintanilha

Dudu Quintanilha

Bereich: Bildende Kunst, Performance

Naturhistorisches Museum

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Bildende Kunst, Performance


São Paulo

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frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


August 2016 - August 2016

Born in São Paulo in 1987. Lives and works in São Paulo. Studied at Universidad Di Tella and Centro de Investigaciones Artisticas, Buenos Aires. His works use different techniques and medias to search about the body as a working and representation field. His latest projects involve social networks and collaboration, developing performance, video and photo. His work has been exhibit in Miami, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Rosario, Madrid and Vienna.

<link http: duduquintanilha.tumblr.com>duduquintanilha.tumblr.com

Dudu Quintanilha


Ingovernáveis/Ungovernables is a performance project I ve been developing in São Paulo City during 2015 and 2016.
I started this project creating performance meetings and recording everything in video.
This work is part of a research that I started in 2014, called EEP (Sporadic Study of Performance) that its like a performance library. Ungovernables aims to create these meetings to make performances that are not displayed live in public. It seeks performance production contexts in traveling places, working with bodies with and without artistic training. The goal is to research and articulate the "short duration" in the interlacement with people and spaces with the permanence and temporality of "long duration" of the registered work. To do Ungobernables I create meetings with the participant, mostly one of a time and at list once a week with each person. This meetings can take part in three types of spaces: private / closed (studio, house) public space not institutional (district, nature, streets), institutional public spaces (cultural centers, museums, etc.) using different performative materials that comes either from what I see in the person/participant, from the place or any random idea: historical materials, memories, images, words who make up the multiplicity of the social net. Ungovernables wants to occupy space in a face to face with the "other", without denying the otherness of that public which, conversely, can appropriate (or not) of the project, looking it into his eyes. This project wants and needs to create maps of interactions in a linear way between factors involved: character / place / camera. Ungobernables is a video project in practical result, but before thiś video stagé is a relational work using performance as pretext. I want to meet people, I want to have the video and I want to create this new transit between me and the participant in a specific place, whatever this place is. 


Day 1: arrived in Wien. I don´t speak German. I enter MQ for the first time in my life. Hot day. Mission: talk to strangers. That same night I met Moki and some valuable information popped out: Gruft Shelter near MQ. Day 2: Go to Gruft. Potentially find my performer. I found Steve. We talked. We shared some information. I told him I was coming back to see him again. I invited him to perform. Next days: Can´t find Steve. Communication was getting harder. Authorizations, Steve missing, still not speaking German. Day 5: I found Steve. We went to the Baroque Suite at MQ and shot our first and only video. His performance was all about talking. Speeches. I liked it a lot. Next days: just looking for him around the city, thinking of him. A random day in Wien: Visit Museums, exhibitions, and some walking around. I met Dalibor. Simultaneous Interpreter. I said I needed him. I needed help. Few days after: Dalibor came back to MQ to perform as an Interpreter, interpreting Steve´s low volume surreal German-English speech into clear German.  That same day I invited Martina, whom I met at Autgarten Park, and saw for second time the night before the shooting in a party at Fluc. I decided I wanted to do a video with her doing some body poses I wanted Steve to do before his disappearance. Everything continued been only about Steve presence and absence. One day: I decided to write some questions on a floor and took pictures of those German words I wrote without understanding them. After these photos I decided that my work was done. Lasts days: I continued looking for Steve but my hours where more about going to the lake to swim naked than staying inside a Museum or walking with clothes on.

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