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Dorottya Kalocsai

Dorottya Kalocsai

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August 2016 - September 2016

Last shows:
schier heiter, für die gang und so... / Sala Terra / 2016 / Vienna
Piece of minds / Cafe Nest, 2015, Vienna
Anna Schmoll Show / Im Ersten Gallery,2014,Vienna
Riches and Realites – Uncommon Wealth / University of Innsbruck , 2014 , Innsbruck

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Dorottya Kalocsai


porcelain handy
visual messages

In my work, I wanted to create non-figurative „paintings” which can be totally understandable as a visual message. I wanted to create something which has only one exact meaning, which is unusual in artworks where there are no recognizable figures or objects.
I started to dealing with fingerprint-images on smartphones caused by the messages what we create when we are talking on Facebook-messenger or while we are just texting for each other.
I realized in our fast and busy life sending messages on smartphones would be the easiest way of telling people something about art.
That was my idea: telling messages about art by art. After I have started to play with different sentences what famous artists, some friends of
mine or I sad, I have made so many attempts with ink. Finally I found out something, whenever we are using our phones and write anything on it the screen will be inevitably dirty caused by our fingers. According to the idea, this “dirt” means exactly one thing – the message.
Therefore when anybody asks me about the meaning of the „pictures”, I have a very clear answer in every case – all the images have only one meaning – the sentences what I wrote before with my fingers.
I wanted to give something with which people feel themselves closer to my art, because everybody writes thousands of messages per day, so they are making art every time with one message.
Dorottya Kalocsai, 2016


I am really glad I got the chance to stay in MQ, in Vienna for two months. I liked the atmosphere so much, for the reason that I could focus on my work well and I felt myself lucky because of all the inspiring people, buildings, squares, exhibitions, galleries around. The apartment was really nice and it gave me the perfect place for working on my project and I also get new ideas during my stay. All the programs what MQ could offer us were special and useful, I was delighted we got a MQ card, and I could have spent so much time in museums. In the middle of the period of my stay I had a chance to organize an event with another artist. Irma Markulin is a really encouraging person and I was really happy to work with her and as I see the small event what we create was successful and nice. I am also happy for all the cultural experiences and events, and I really enjoyed to take part in Festival für Digitale Kunst und Kulturen. All in all, I am very pleased to work in MQ and it was a very effective term in my artwork.

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