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Daniel Lie

Daniel Lie

Bereich: Installation, Performance

© Daniel Lie

© Daniel Lie

Projeto Brasil, © Daniel Lie

Invisible Moving, © Daniel Lie

Invisible Moving, © Daniel Lie

Invisible Moving, © Daniel Lie

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Installation, Performance


São Paulo

Empfehlende Institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


November 2016 - November 2016

Solo exhibitions:
2016 – “How low can you go?”,Change - Change, Budapest/Hungary.
- “PODRERA”, Kampnagel, Hamburg/Germany. 2015 /// “Lie Liong Khing”, Casa Trian- gulo gallery, Sao Paulo/ BR. /// “Covenant with the future”, Centro Cultural São Paulo /// “Meus Sentimentos”. Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade, São Paulo.

Group shows:

2016 ”All quiet, all for the best” - Projeto Brasil, Hellerau, Dresden/Germany /// ”Espacios Revelados”, Santiago/Chile /// 2015 – “One plus One”, Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes gallery, London/UK. ///“34o Arte Pará”, Pará State Museum, Belém do Pará/PA. ///2014 “9th Residency Redbull Station Exhibition”, Redbull Station, São Paulo/BR. ///“EDP Award Tomie Ohtake” - Institute Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo/BR.

Professional experience:
2016 – Costume Design for the dance performance “MOVE COVER”for Grupo Vão at the Britsh Council Festival. ///2015 Coordination and elaboration of the course Revezamento Artístico: Laboratório de ex- perimentações e criação” at Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade,SãoPaulo/SP //// 2014 - Coordination of Project “Voodoohop na Xepa da Coruja”, O cina Cultural Oswald de Andrade Work- shop. Part of project “Nossa Voz”. São Paulo/BR.//// Costume design for performance “BIOMASHUP” directed by choreographer CristianDuarte, Casa do Povo, São Paulo/BR./// Artist assistant for El Hadji Sy for 31st Biennial of São Paulo, São Paulo/BR./// Artist Assistant for Leda Catunda (since 2010).///Artist of collective Voodoohop (since 2010). /// Cultural producer of the Casa do Povo space. São Paulo/BR (since 2013).

<link http: liedaniel.hotglue.me>liedaniel.hotglue.me

Daniel Lie


For Q21 I am going to start the development of my new project - The Death Center for the Living. With the reading oft he Tibetian book of the death and making experiments with bass sounds and heating through fermentation.


I was invited for the Q21 Residency at the Museum Quartier by the curator Ursula Probst, to stay for the whole month of November of 2016. It was a happy coincidence this invitation due to my upcoming commissioned work for the 2017 Vienna Festwochen. With this opportunity I could meet for the first time Vienna and spend a quality time understanding a little about the city and its culture, facts that are very important for the development of my future work.
The studio that I was designated, Studio 513, it is all white and had a particular circular architecture, this central structure contained bathroom, kitchen and wardrobes, and a continuous space that made a loop on it self. This fact to me was already a meeting beyond coincidence, since I have in my career, worked with places that had this architectural characteristic, the loop.
This residency was a mark in my work, I often work with installations and the construction of physical ambiences and after the work is done I bring the work of the body and the performance. In the Q21 experience it inverted, I started developing a body practice that I first called “Moving the Invisible” that has it roots on Tai Chi Chuan and Afrobrazilian cults. Also by Ursula invitation I was able to present this performance in different venues in the city, such as the Kunstraum and the Fluc. This actually took me back to early ears of my career where I used to work with a the Voodoohop collective in Brazil, we made parties and the experimental process was really intricate and we presented new ideas straight to the audience.
Also with this residency I was able to bring my friend, the artist Juliana dos Santos so we could work together, we did Fine Arts college together and she was invited to be part of an exhibition Weiterleben at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna. With her presence our creative process was stronger and she took part in one the series of the performances I was developing and we presented the conclusion piece naming it “Invisible Moving”, Juliana has a research on the afrobrazilian culture and her presence was fundamental for the development of the work. We presented for 5 hours consecutives this performance in the studio 513, moving in circles around the central structure of the studio. It was open to the audience and at the end it had a vibration of a celebration – over all it was a mix of ritual, performance and party, we were honoring in that day our living grandmothers, fact that connected our poetics.
I can only thank the structure of Q21, the encounter with the other artists in residency was really warm and the production team was amazing.

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