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Camilla Rocha Campos

Camilla Rocha Campos

Bereich: Multimedia

© Camilla Rocha Campos

© Camilla Rocha Campos

© Camilla Rocha Campos

© Camilla Rocha Campos

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Rio de Janeiro

Empfehlende Institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


Jänner 2017 - Jänner 2017

At Camilla Rocha Campos’ work the participants are invited to be part, generally with her, of a poetic and simple situation, relating their own body to objects posed in different contexts filled with a type of humor and criticism. As a professor Rocha Campos take her experiences from art practice to education area creating projects at schools and Universities, with kids and adults. At the project called Workshop em curso, for example, Camilla propose a visiting circuit for museums, cultural centers and biennales, in Brazil and abroad, encouraging in-loco discussions meanwhile experiences are lived there. Rocha Campos has a Master Degree in Art History and Criticism by the Art Institute of UERJ, Rio de Janeiro (2011), she was graduated on Art Printmaking at Escola de Belas Artes, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro (2007) and she also studied at Parque Lage free Art School also based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2005 – 2007).
During the year of 2016, Camilla is participating of the International Residency Program at CAPACETE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is also interim professor at the Federal University (UFRJ) at the Visual Arts/Sculpture Department.

Individual Exhibitions
Respira Conspira (( Breathing & Conspiring )) – an open research proposed and produced in collaboration with Thora Dolven Balke to be podcast at Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival in 2017, CAPACETE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
MIX EDUCATION – a sensual and educational contest, UERJ - Art Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
<IMG> live art magazine performance – proposed and produced in collaboration with Daniel Bardusco, Daros Latinamerica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
SIMULACRUM, THE KING – Republic Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Collective Exhibitions

Sometimes it’s better make a soup – Saracura Art Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Performing Opposition – proposed by Les Laboratoire D’Aubervilliers, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Feminism and Feijoada – CAPACETE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
<IMG> live art magazine performance – Daros Latinamerica, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
24H ART – Bay Area occupation, SESC Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
STORAGE ART – Raul de Leoni Cultural Center, Petrópolis, Brazil
Lavagem das Engrenagens – SESC Tijuca at Varnhagen Square, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1° PETROPOLIS ART SALOON – Raul de Leoni Cultural Center, Petrópolis, Brazil
2007, A ODISSEY AT THE PARC – Parque Laje, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
UniversidArte PRESENTS 2006 – Casa França-Brasil Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
NEW TECNOLOGIES – Pascoal Carlos Magno Cultural Center, Niterói, Brazil
PYratas (Pirates) – Rio/Niterói Ferryboat, Brazil
EDUCATION, LOOK! – A Gentil Carioca Galley, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Art Residencies
2016 ----- CAPACETE – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2007 ----- DAROS FOUNDATION – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Camilla Rocha Campos


I’m interested in images and bodies. For Q21 residency I propose to open a certain type of status quo method of study and practice art. I propose a research in a non-written language, using movements as art theory: reversing concepts in order to create a condition to an art or, still, pointing a new type of art protocol and ethics that assumes multiple places for speech and act. In favor of a decolonization process, I aim to converge this living process in a political art assortment.

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