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Silvia Beck

Silvia Beck

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Oktober 2015 - Oktober 2015

Silvia Beck is a visual artist based in Berlin. She teaches Illustration / Multimedia at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld (GER). Beck's work focuses on the structures and mechanisms of power systems in culture and society by using humor and reduced gravity as means of expression. "Nothing is as it seems". This is her formula for exploring invisible codes, particularly the function of art and artistic role models in late capitalism. Her appropriated texts and images are taken up affirmatively, observed analytically, and countered critically. Being part of the system and trying to crack it's fixation at the same time she constructs double identities and invents new possibilities. Her narratives of undercover agents and super artists are blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality. In both text and imagery she works with a variety of media - such as video, performance, sound and photography. Her interdisciplinary practice always engages with the exhibition space in the form of site specific configurations and arrangements. Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions including the projects Global Loop (2000-2004), Komplex 200X (2006-2009), Superlabel (2011-2014), Golden Shot (2013-2014) and Secret Report to the Headquarters (work in progress). Silvia Beck was honored with the Advancement Award of Rhineland-Palatinate and got working grants and scholarships from Berlin Senate Administration for Culture and the Berlin Cultural Endowment Foundation.


Recherche und Konzept für die Ausstellung „AS RIGHTS GO BY“ 2016 im freiraum Q21 INTERNATIONAL, Kuratorin Sabine Winkler

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