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Petar Andonovski

Petar Andonovski

Bereich: Literatur

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September 2015 - September 2015

Petar Andonovski is born 1987, in Kumanovo, Macedonia. He studied ,, General and Comparative Literature” at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. He has published the following books: ,,Mental space” ( poetry, 2008), ,,Eyes with color of shoes” (novel, 2013) , ,,The body to be lived in” (novel, 2015).
With his first novel ,,Eyes with color of shoes”, he was nominated for the most prestigious literature prize in Macedonia – Novel of the year, organized by the daily newspaper Utrinski vesnik. Beating the large competition, the novel got to the final circle of three best novels for 2013.

Publishing house „Magor“, (2012- ), editor
Pro-Za-Balkan Festival, Skopje (2014-), associate
Zbornik Rukopisa – magazine for poetry and prose on languages from Former Jugoslavian Republics, Pancevo Serbia (2015), associate from Macedonia


During my stay in Vienna I plan to write my new novel. It is a novel about a small island in the south and the residents who live traditionally, away from any developments. The peace of the residents will disrupt group of foreigners who are moving to the island. It is a novel about xenophobia, fear of the new and the repressed desires and fear of what they wear. Although foreigners are trying not to distort natives however lineups looking for ways to get rid of them again to live as before.

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