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Marcell Mars

Marcell Mars

Bereich: Theorie, Medienkunst

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Theorie, Medienkunst



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Juli 2015 - Juli 2015

Marcell Mars is one of the founders of Multimedial Institute - mi2 and net.culture club mama in Zagreb. He initiated GNU GPL publishing label ' EGOBOO.bits, TamTam platform for on-line collaboration, Ngode software for NGOs financial management.

He initiated skill sharing regular informal meetings of enthusiasts in mama + started skill sharing's satellites g33koskop and 'The Fair of Mean Equipment'.

Marcell participated in collaborative artistic projects like NRD Kit of NRD Van group of artists, gifoskop (interactive animation) together with Nikolina Pristas & Maja Marjancic + was a tech developer for projects EditThisBanner (by Lina Kovacevic) and Flying Carpet (by Lala Rascic).

He was one of the organizers of summer camps "Otokultivator" on island Vis (together with URK Močvara & EASA Croatia) and SummerSource (together with TacticalTech).

Marcell participated in curating or producing mi2 yearly exhibitions I Am Still Alive (2001) and re:Con (2002), free culture, science and technology festival Freedom to creativity! (2005) and in conceptual exhibition System.hack() (2006). He is a member of Creative Commons Team Croatia.

Regularly runs workshops like 'Programming for non-programmers', 'Social software and semantic web in practice', 'Command line audio on GNU/Linux'... Gives talks on topics like hacking, free software philosophy, gathering communities around good causes, slacking, doing nothing, stupid/smart business models of music industries, social software & semantic web...

While in Zagreb Marcell hangs out in Hacklab in mama, in Belgrade runs Wonder of technology/Čudo tehnike, Hackers lenses/Hakerska optika and Programming for non-programmers at Faculty of Media and Communication, from 2011-2012 worked on research Ruling Class Studies at Jan Van Eyck in Maastricht, a research continued in 2015 as PhD at Digital Cultures Research Lab. In 2013 did fellowship at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart. These days advocates for and works on Public library.

He sings, dances, tells the stories and makes music as Nenad Romic za Novyi Byte.

Mars, et al., Sloboda stvaralaštvu, section in zarez 7:146, Zagreb, 2005, pp 21-28. [1] (Croatian)
Mars, et al., System.hack(), Zagreb: Mama, 2006, 96 pp. Exhibition catalogue. (Croatian)/(English)
with Edwin Gardner, Tracing Concepts: In, Out and Through Computing, Maastricht, 2011, 24 pp.
"Hrvatski WikiLeaks okupirala desnica", Novosti, Mar 2011. (Croatian)
with Manar Zarroug and Tomislav Medak, "Public Library (An Essay)", Memory of the World blog, 27 Oct 2014. On the idea of public library.
Posts on personal blog, since 2007.

<link http: monoskop.org marcell_mars _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>monoskop.org/Marcell_Mars


The Artist/hacker Marcell Mars agues that the concept of the public library is right up there with public education, public health care and the scientific method as a both a great achievement and social good to which almost everybody subscribes to as a non-negotiable public good. Taking the concept of the public library as a benchmark against which to measure what society and culture should be like and an indication that an economy of contribution is possible.

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