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Katarína Gatialová

Katarína Gatialová

Bereich: Kuratorin, Medienkunst

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Kuratorin, Medienkunst



Empfehlende Institution

tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


April 2015 - April 2015

since 2012 - Curator at Nova synagoga / kunsthalle Zilina
Colaborator of Stanica cultural node, Zilina
Curator at Plusminusnula Gallery, Zilina
since 2011- Curator and programmer at Vitrina Deniska, Olomouc
2010 – 2012- Curator at Olomouc Museum of Art
2010 – 2013- Editor at Kinecko Magazine
since 2008 - Organisor of Multiplace Festival
2007 – 2010 - curator and PR manager, 13 kubikov Bratislava
October 2014 Oskar Cepan Award, Nova synagoga, Zilina
October 2014 Face of Power. Political posters from Czechoslovakia from 1948 - 1989, Manifatture Knos, Italy
September 2014 Dan Perjovchi - Selected News
May -  June 2013 Jakub Kopec: Stage, Nova synagoga, Zilina
November 2012 - Thank you for Responding to our Participation, Nova synagoga, Zilina
March 2012 - REMAKE / Rethinking Media Arts in C(K)ollaborative Environments, Brno House of Arts. repeat in A4 Bratsilava and Fabrica di Pensule, Cluj, Romania
September 2011 - Central European Forum Olomouc No. 4, Olomouc Museum of Arts
May 2011 Multiplace Expo, Enter Gallery, Bratislava
October 2009 Trnava Poster Triennial, B Category - Web Design, Trnava

Katarína Gatialová


During my stay at MuseumsQuartier I want to focus on meeting professionals from MQ and also other institutions, as curators, culture managers and artists. I would like to get to know their way of work and to invite them to our emerging institution Nova synagoga / kunsthalle Zilina to talk about their experiences. My aim is to learn about of the most progressive ways of exhibition-making and its combining with vivid accompanying program. My plan is also to introduce in MQ our work in Zilina and discuss with both professionals and public our approach towards organising exhibitions, discussions and other types of cultural events.
During my residency I want also to get in contact with media art scene in Vienna which is connected with my professional activities as a curator and critic of media art.

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