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Karlla Girotto

Karlla Girotto

Bereich: Modedesign, Performance Art

© Karlla Girotto

© Karlla Girotto

© Karlla Girotto

© Karlla Girotto

© Karlla Girotto

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Modedesign, Performance Art


Sao Paulo

Empfehlende Institution



August 2015 - August 2015

Karlla Girotto is an artist and researcher in the areas of visual arts, fashion and performance.

Master in Clinical Psychology at the Subjectivity Studies Center (PUC / SP) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Suely Rolnik. Karlla Girotto’s main areas of research are: ways of existence in artistic production and the frontiers between performance, fashion and life in processes of creation and production of subjectivities.

Girotto coordinates the research group in processes and aesthetic proposes G> E (2013/2015) hosted at the ”Casa do Povo”. She also acts as a consultant for creative projects in fashion, design and creative processes. As a guest teacher, Karlla explores issues around research, creation processes, fashion, design, art and lectures in undergraduate and postgraduate studies at institutions such as Senac / São Paulo, Armando Alvares Penteado - FAAP/SP Foundation, IED European Institue Design/SP among other colleges and companies.
She has created and coordinated all editions of “Creation Workshop Project” developed in partnership with the Department of Development and Social Assistance from the City of São Paulo for young people suffering social exclusion and in high risk (2003-2005).

She coordinated the group of fashion studies and performance “Mutantes na Sala de Jantar” (2008/2010) and the “Como Clube de Desenho” (2011/2014). She is mentioned as an expression designer in the books: Sample books - 10 curators 100 designers, Atlas of Fashion Designers and Fashion Brazil. Karlla participated in exhibitions at Galeria Vermelho, Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, FAAP, SESC São Paulo Cultural, Design Week in Munich, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil and others.

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Karlla Girotto


The aim of this project is to create, produce and materialize hybrids of different visual languages that have fashion as their convergence point.

Main ideas
Fashion is a language – an expression of material culture -­‐ and therefore it is a powerful producer of subjectivities. Fashion is a creative and productive field of work that generates different artistic languages. A project is a process of  artistic creation in its various forms which is constantly updated. Things are not static, they are dynamic. Therefore, to create a field of action is also to be created by it. Karlla’s work should be understood as an unstable cartography through which she seeks to draw the borders of formal and visual representations. Her methodology affirms artistic creation as a flux and the field where the construction of concepts and thoughts happen.

The project will create aesthetic narratives and syntaxes related to daily mythologies, giving new meanings to research and production in fashion. To achieve this, discarded materials will be collected using different methods:
1. a public notice asking for donation of garments that aren’t in use (on line and newspapers);
2. collection of material littered, discarded in supermarkets and other places (card boxes, plastic bags, etc)
3. purchase of cheap daily use objects, present in every household, such as plates, cutlery, sieves, sauce pans, etc.
All these materials will be used to create clothes and accessories.

The final result will be a fashion show – 12/15 looks.

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