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Petra Hlaváčková

Petra Hlaváčková

Bereich: Theorie

4AM, arch biennale Venice, 2012 © Petra Hlaváčková

move the city, Brno, 2014 © Petra Hlaváčková

4AM, arch biennale Venice, 2012 © Petra Hlaváčková

compact city, Brno, 2011 © Petra Hlaváčková

kill your idol, arch biennale Venice, 2012 © Petra Hlaváčková

move the city, Brno, 2014 © Petra Hlaváčková

psychoanalysis of the space, Psychyatric clinic Bohnice, Peague, 2013 © Petra Hlaváčková

kill your idol, Brno, 2011 © Petra Hlaváčková

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Empfehlende Institution

f.e.a - forum experimentelle architektur


Dezember 2014 - Dezember 2014

2001-2007 - Graduated from Art History and French Language and Literature at Philosophical Faculty (MA) of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic

1992-2000 - Dance Conservatory in Brno

Work, experience, profession
2011- now - lecturer of interwar and post-war architecture, curating as research and theory of feminist art history in the Department of Art History of Masaryk University in Brno.

2010 - now - Co-founder, author, curator and dramaturge of many activities and exhibitions within the association of 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media (Brno/CZ),
4AM Forum for Architecture and Media is a civic association and an open platform of experimental approaches and a wide range of activities related to architecture, urbanism, urban space, contemporary art, and new media.

Starting in January 2011, the 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media ran the Gallery of Architecture in Brno. Now it will operate a new cultural space named PRAHA, in cooperation with the Moravian Gallery in Brno.  

The 4AM platform so far realized a number of exhibitions, workshops and discussions focused on architecture, urbanism, urban space, contemporary art, and new media, which critically examined and questioned current cultural and social phenomena. The  exhibitions included Art and Liberation. Europe 1943-1967: Revolting People, Compact City, Urban divan, Kill Your Idol: Psychoanalysis of Contemporary Architecture of the City of Brno, REthinking Media Arts in C(K)ollaborative Environments, Multiplace festival, Exposition of One Project and many others.

2012-now - co-director of the documentary film following the sociological research of the Faculty of Social Studies in Brno - “Leperiben - the memory of Roma workers”

Since 2007 - now - reviewer and publicist focusing on contemporary art, architecture, feminism and local policy: magazines and newspapers Art+Antiques, Era21, A2larm.cz, Artalk.cz, Euro, Rovnost etc.
Co-founder of on-line magazine Artalk.cz focused on articles and reviews about contemporary art and architecture since 2008.

2008-2011 - main coordinator and author of the Brno Architectural Manual in Brno House of Arts (www.bam.brno.cz).
The project features an extensive database of interwar Brno architecture (in Czech, English and German) structured to the varied walks through the city with information (in forms of texts, recordings, maps and pictures) about objects, architects, urban development and social and political circumstances of the period.

Selected publications
Hlaváčková-Koryčánek-Svobodová-Valdhansová, Brno Architecture Manual. A Guide to 1918-1945 Architecture, Brno 2012
Not every female exhibition is feminist / Ne každá ženská výstava je feministická, Art+Antiques, 7+8/2014
Feminist blindness of Czech art scene / Feministická slepota české umělecké scény, artalk.cz: <link http: www.artalk.cz feministicka-slepota-ceske-umelecke-sceny>www.artalk.cz/2014/03/10/feministicka-slepota-ceske-umelecke-sceny
Architect Jaroslav Grunt: Between the Avant-Garde and the Office, in: Pelčák-Wahla (eds.), Jaroslav Grunt 1893-1988, Brno 2010
Again Discovered Architect Karl Lehrmann between Vienna and Brno, in: Fasora-Hanuš (eds.), Brno to Vienna, Vienna to Brno: Provincial Metropolis and the Centre of Empire in 19th Century, Brno 2008



In my current research I'm dealing with paradigms of the American feminist art theory which brought in the 1980s and 1990s new energy, issues and topics to the classical approach in the field of art history and art practice.
Contemporary American art theoreticians based on feminist art projects of the 1970s and 1980s dealt in their texts also with the topic of institutional critique and they brought new ideas of anti-hierarchic functioning founded on empowerment, collaboration and solidarity.

My goal is to make research in Vienna's libraries (Universitätbibliothek, Bibliothek of the Akademie der bildenden Kunst, Arbeitskammer Bibliothek etc.) among the texts and publications by feminist art and sociologist theoreticians concerning art and institutional praxis which are not available in the Czech Republic (Marcia Tucker, Linda Nochlin, Mira Schor, Carol Duncan, Janet Wolff, Kaja Silverman etc.). and give a lecture in f.e.a. forum experimentelle architecture on the results of my research.

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