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Marcela Steinbachová

Marcela Steinbachová

Bereich: Architektur

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tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


August 2014 - August 2014

Start to work as an architect from 2002, own practice from 2003 (<link http: www.skupina.org>www.skupina.org)
Founder and chairperson of the civic association Kruh (<link http: www.kruh.info>www.kruh.info) - organiser of architectural lectures, educational programms and related events, editor of texts about architecture from 2001
Founder of the festival the Day of architecture (<link http: www.denarchitektury.cz>www.denarchitektury.cz) - from 2011
Working as a responsible editor of the architectural magasine ERA 21 (<link http: www.era21.cz>www.era21.cz)
from 2011
Teaching assistant at the School of Architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, 2007-2011

Former residencies:
IPHR Info Praha Hamburg Reykjavik, workshop 2007, Reykjavik, výstava Reykjavik, Opith hus a Seljavegi 32, 2007
IPHR Info Praha Hamburg Reykjavik, workshop a výstava Westwerk e.V, Admiralitatstr.74, Hamburg, 2006
Foundation of Josef Hlavka for the best diploma project of the Academy of Fine Arts, Nadace Josefa Hlávky, 2003
Cooper Union, New York, 2002
Summer school of Architecture Salzburg, 2001
Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, (Coop Himmelb(l)au), 2000
Foundation of Josef Hlavka 2000, Nadace Josefa Hlávky, 2000

1st Price - Competition for the National Technical Museum - Exhibition of Transport History
Interior of the Year 2005, nomination (with J. Hofman)
Vitrablok Design award


Meeting of the people who form the architecture dialog in Vienna for the collaboration with Kruh (<link http: www.kruh.info _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>www.kruh.info) and magasine Era 21 (<link http: www.era21.cz _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>www.era21.cz).
Process of discovering of the building Semper Depot in Vienna by the architect Gottfried Semper.


I am very proud to be part of Artist- in- Residence programme of MQ. For me it was very beneficial to have one month free to start to think in another way, not to work only but to have time to think. By pure accident there was the exhibition in Kunsthalle too, which was concerned with the same topic. So I tried to be open minded to everything I have met on the way in the city and always I was thinking how could it be transformed to Prague. I appreciated the meeting of the Palestinian artist and the curator from Tel Aviv at the one table or personally in the bars or events in Vienna as well as all another curators and artists from the programme. I prepared the issue of the architectural magazine ERA 21 about the inspiration from progressive cities in Europe: Vienna, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Zurich <link http: www.era21.cz>www.era21.cz/novinka_E.asp?NEW_ID=93 in April 2014 and I visited all the sites which are described in the magazine and put some of the inspiration for Prague on my FB page. I am also preparing the new issue foir ERA 21 (2/2015) on „the Baugruppe“ (co-housing projects) now and probably two or three projects from Vienna will be the part of it. I personally visited Vinzi and Sargfabrik during August and met the people who live there to speak with them about the projects.
As the other part of my residency I visited Semper Depot to do the images and short videos about the building and also visited Vienna archive to find the old plans of the buildings and library to find books about the building and about Semper.

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