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Jiongwen Shi

Jiongwen Shi

Bereich: Fotografie, Medienkunst

Shi Jiongwen «2009.1.23», 2009, Pigment Print auf Canson Papier, 35x46cm

Shi Jiongwen «2013.4.Shanghai film 120-1», 2013, Pigment Print auf Canson Papier, 53x67cm

Shi Jiongwen «2013.4.Shanghai film 120-1», 2013, Pigment Print auf Canson Papier, 53x67cm

Shi Jiongwen «2013.4.Shanghai film 135-3», 2013, Pigment Print auf Canson Papier, 53x67cm

Shi Jiongwen «2010.12.10», 2010, Pigment Print auf Canson Papier, 53x67cm

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Fotografie, Medienkunst



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Oktober 2014 - Oktober 2014

2003 Bachelor’s Degree from Xi'an Fine Arts University Oil Painting Department
2007 Master’s Degree from Xi'an Fine Arts University Oil Painting Department
Currently lives and works in Beijing.

2014“Shuffling The Cards:6th Round” Gmunden Austria
2013“Spuren Im Reif” Ottensheim Austria
“Shang Hai” Pasinger Fabrik Munich with Wang Xiao Hui and Wan Xia
“Fan Zhuan Ji Yin” Tang Gallery BeiJing
“New Scape” Art Seasons Gallery BeiJing
2012 “Shuffling the Cards: 1st Round. Chinese contemporary art reloaded” Vienna Austria
“Images decade of the new century”, Yue.Gallery ,Beijing , China
“Lust and love of the young and liberated” ,Shitai Gallery , Beijing , China
2011 “Christmas 义乌(Eve)”, White Box Museum, Beijing, China
“Alibi”, Linda Gallery , Beijing, China
“2011 Chengdu Biennale Special Invitation Exhibition - Sutures of Memory -Contemporary Art Exhibition”, L-Art Gallery, Chengdu, China
2009 “GREEN”,CIGE,Beijing
“Limited” – New Power Exhibition,Caochangdi Art Zone, Beijing
2008 “2007 Modern Chinese Art and Literature Exhibition”, Beijing World Art Museum, Beijing, China
“All For the Children”- Say Fine Art Art Center,Beijing, China
“Two Towns” –Simei Power ‘08 Appearance,Jiuchang Art Zone ,Beijing, China
2006 “Progression, Modern Art Exhibition”, Shenzhen Sculpture Museum, Shenzhen


Interactive reactions on the space of the MQ / quartier21 complex and its social surroundings in form of photography and video; installation in public space after realisation.
The idea of the project “CITY SCAN” is to research and to find parallels between the two cities Beijing and Vienna.
In preparation for my residency in Vienna I will analyze places around 2nd Ring Road in Beijing. On several excursions I will visit the area around places like Lama Temple, Drum and Bell Tower and Tiananmen and take pictures of its surrounding and people.
During my stay in Austria, I will observe buildings and places around Ringstrasse in Vienna and mark them on a map, in relation with the places I found in Beijing.
The result of the project “CITY SCAN” will be a movie, showing me moving around Ringstrasse, stopping at the related places and bringing them in connection with the places in Beijing. In an overlap of these two cities parallels and contrasts should be pointed out through the buildings and the people.
The media will be Photography and video (with sound) and as point of reference to Beijing: printed images.
The lens is the view of myself, a 1980 born Chinese female artist living in Beijing.

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