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Bianca Baldi

Bianca Baldi

Bereich: Bildende Kunst

Video Still from ZERO LATITUDE, 2014 © Bianca Baldi

Video Still from ACT1: ÆROLITHE ILLUSION, 2013 © Bianca Baldi

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Bildende Kunst


Frankfurt am Main (GER)

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Dezember 2014 - Dezember 2014

Bianca Baldi (born 1985, Johannesburg) is an artist. Recent exhibitions include The 8th Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (DE), Zero Latitude at the Goethe Institut, Johannesburg (ZA), Poltroneria, Museo Apparente, Naples (IT). Home Stories at Villa 102 KFW, Frankfurt (DE).Baldi grew up in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa and studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, The Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town and at IUAV University of Venice.
It is by way of an image making practice, that Baldi approaches her work where 'borrowed' and lost narratives are fashioned incorporating photography, film, writing and publishing, which frequently come together in the exhibition format as installations.


“Luís probably preferred the literary life to politics and public affairs.
He did however delight in the having drinks in the convivium, the maps for him were mere abstract codes of journeys that they implied.
Journeys much like those of the his tragic hero, enter Hamlet, weighing up truth against beauty.”
Notas Para um Livro de Todo o Universo. B.B 2013

Following a period in residence in Lisbon (PT), a script set in the Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa- one of the sites that were central to the imaging of the so-called modern world was devised and later shot.

These moments found in the slippage of language, in the Royal translation of Hamlet into Portuguese, and in the way we read maps through a legend, that key points of the Shakespearean narrative are eschewed. Ophelia's lap becomes her feet once translated- new territories crossed as the original etymology of translation suggest

Notas Para um Livro de Todo o Universo, the film and installation, will be developed in Vienna.

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