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Vikenti Komitski

Vikenti Komitski

Bereich: Installationskunst

Broken Book, 2009, modified book (Short Political Dictionary, Partizdat, Sofia, 1974) © Vikenti Komitski

I Am Too Sad To Text You, 2013, numerous sent sms © Vikenti Komitski

Together Again, 2009, modified political map of the world, paper, 120 cm in diameter © Vikenti Komitski

Tom & Jerry Live, 2010, performance, video still © Vikenti Komitski

WEST, 2011, sticker on wall, dimensions variable © Vikenti Komitski

Key Facts






Sofia, Berlin (GER)

Empfehlende Institution

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL


Dezember 2013 - Februar 2014

born 1983 in Sofia, lives and works in Sofia and Berlin

CV (selection)

I am You Are Me, solo exhibition, Bulart gallery, Varna
New Poor, solo exhibition, ICA, Sofia

2012 :
Overlapping Biennial-Biennial of Young Artists, Bucharest / virtual, curated by Maria Vassileva
Sofia Contemporary festival, curated by Iara Boubnova
Go West! Muzeon Art Park, Moscow, special project for Moscow Young Art Biennial, curator Andrey Parshikov
Is It Free?, NutureArt gallery, New York, curator Marco Antonini

2011 :
Subjective Geography, solo exhibition, Sariev Gallery, Plovdiv
East Of Best, Roodkapje, Rotterdam, curated by Kolektif
An Exclusive Object of Art, Dana Charkasi gallery, Vienna, curator Iara Boubnova
Entrepot, Krinzinger gallery, Vienna, curator Rene Block

2010 :
Handle with Care, Unicredit Studio, Milan, curator Vera Mlechevska
Beyond Credit, Antrepo 5, Istanbul, curators Maria Vassileva, Iara Boubnova, Luchezar Boyadjiev
FQ Test, GMG Gallery, Moscow, curator Andrey Parshikov
Photo I Photo you, Calvert 22, London, curator Iara Boubnova

2009 : 
From Ideology to Economy, Contemporary Bulgarian Art 20 years later,  The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow, curators Iara Boubnova and Maria Vassileva

2008 :
Bulgaria-actual scene, Ludwig Museum, Koblentz

2007 :

Remember Sofia Underground,  Shipka 6 gallery, Sofia         

Former Residencies:
January-February 2012, ISCP, NEw York
September-October 2011, Futura, Prague
February 2009, SIM, Reykiavik


I think my life happens in an interesting era. My first 7 years I spent in a political system that eventually disappeared, and the following years of rapid changes for me were also years of rapid changes of the social and political environment I lived in. For this reason I feel strong engagement with political topics. For my residency I intend to keep a line in my work, where I cut, paste and delete things: symbols, segments of movies and texts etc. to find hidden aspects of reality that a disturbance can reveal.

Places of Transition

Places of Transition

Ausstellung kuratiert von Gülsen Bal und Walter Seidl

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