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Peter William Holden

Peter William Holden

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freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL


Juni 2013 - Juni 2013

I am exploring ways of dissolving the boundaries between cinematography and sculpture. My recent investigations of this theme have involved computers and mechanical elements to create mandala like installations. These installations are my medium and I use them to create ephemeral animations...............

I believe this fascination with moving imagery and the transformation of objects stems from my youth where early home computers of the 1980s gave me a glimpse into the wonderful world of applied mathematics. On these computers it was possible with simple codes to generate fantastic abstract patterns and sounds and that encounter destroyed forever the boundary in my mind between abstract and real. Dance also plays a significant role in my work; I was drawn to it through electronic music. Electro with its synthesized sound introduced me to break-dance and my soul was captured by the beauty of choreographed physical movement. I want to try and capture and consolidate these experiences and produce sculptural installations which appear to have more in common with the silver screen and virtual world of the computer than reality.

[Selected Exhibitions]

DIGITAL MARRAKECH FESTIVAL, Marrakesh, Morroco. <link http: www.digitalmarrakech.org>www.digitalmarrakech.org
NEoN Digital Arts Festival, Dundee, Scotland <link http: www.northeastofnorth.com>www.northeastofnorth.com
3rd Art and Science International Exhibition and Symposium, Beijing, China. <link http: www.tasie.org.cn>www.tasie.org.cn
Festival de Danse et des Arts multiples de Marseille, France. <link http: www.festivaldemarseille.com>www.festivaldemarseille.com

Monaco Dance Forum, Monaco.  <link http: www.monacodanceforum.com>www.monacodanceforum.com
Scène Nationale de Montbéliard, France.
Festival TransAmériques. Montréal Canada. <link http: www.fta.qc.ca>www.fta.qc.ca
Bouillants #3. Cultural center Le Volume, vern-sur-Seiche, France. <link http: www.bouillants.fr>www.bouillants.fr
FESTIVAL DES SOURIS, DES HOMMES 2.1. Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, France.

“Dance Machines” Lille3000, France. <link http: www.lille3000.eu>www.lille3000.eu
RIAUS, Royal Institute Adelaide, Australia. <link http: www.riaus.org.au>www.riaus.org.au
VIA Festival, Maubeuge France. <link http: www.lemanege.com>www.lemanege.com
EXIT Festival, Créteil, Paris France. <link http: www.maccreteil.com>www.maccreteil.com

Amber`09 Technology and Arts Festival, Istanbul, Turkey.  <link http: www.09.amberfestival.org>www.09.amberfestival.org
Time-Based Art Festival, Portland Oregon USA.
Incheon International Digital Arts festival, South Korea.  <link http: www.indaf.org>www.indaf.org
WRO Expanded City Media Art Biennale, BWA Awangarda gallery, Wroclaw, Poland. <link http: www.wrocenter.pl>www.wrocenter.pl
Lateral Movement: Art & the moving image The Media Resource Centre and Big Pond Adelaide Film Festival, Australia.
VideoDansa, Barcelona, Spain.  <link http: www.nu2s.org>www.nu2s.org

First Prize category Media Art. 13th CanariasMediafest. Gran Canaria International, Spain. <link http: www.canariasmediafest.org>www.canariasmediafest.org
“Move” Digitial Arts Festival. Coruna, Spain.
boDig 08 festival, Istanbul, Turkey.
Kapelica Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia.  <link http: www.kapelica.org>www.kapelica.org

“La scène dans tous ses états”, [ars] Numerica, Montbeliard, France.  <link http: www.ars-numerica.net>www.ars-numerica.net
Technologically Expanded Dance, Lisbon, Portugal.  <link http: www.tedance.com>www.tedance.com
E-Art Festival “Digital Art & Magic Moments”, Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai, China.
Le monde est plein d’images, Hochiminh Ville, Vietnam.  <link http: www.lemoisdelimage.net>www.lemoisdelimage.net
Almost Cinema, Gent, Belgium.  <link http: www.vooruit.be>www.vooruit.be
Robodock, Technology & Arts Festival, Amsterdam, Holland.
Goodbye Privacy, Festival Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.  <link http: www.aec.at>www.aec.at
Museo Municipal San Telmo, San Sebastian, Spain.
"Kunst Ist Kein Spass" 24-Stunden-Ausstellung, GalerieRieRiemann, Leipzig, Germany.


XIX Biennal d'Eivissa, Ibizagráfic'06, Museu d'Art Contemporani d'Eivissa, Mencions Honorífiques
"MatchMaking", Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre, Norway.  <link http: www.matchmaking.no>www.matchmaking.no
"entre danse et arts plastiques" , Marseilles Museums (cinéma Le Miroir), France . <link http: www.videochroniques.org>www.videochroniques.org
Kultur Leioa Pasabidea, Bilbao, Spain.


First Prize category Media Art.
13th CanariasMediafest. Gran Canaria International,
Festival of Digital Art and Cultures.

Mencions Honorífiques
XIX Biennal d'Eivissa, Ibizagráfic'06
Museu d'Art Contemporani d'Eivissa,




Liberation (Fr)
Via, dextres machine
By Marie Lechner
9th March 2010

Art Actuel (Fr)
Dancing Machine
By Aude de Bourbon Parme
March 2010

The Independent (Uk)

China embarks on a new cultural revolution with celebration of digital arts
By Christina Patterson
1. November 2007

Die Welt (De)

Der Mensch ist nur da ganz Mensch, wo er spielt: Die Linzer "Ars Electronica" ........
Im Visier des Großen Bruders
Von Ulrich Weinzierl
12. September 2007

Die Presse (De)

Donauwalzer mit Prothesen
Von Anne-Catherine Simion
06. September 2007



Tracks - Dance Machine - Das ist Maschinenswing! - ARTE


Exhibition FACELESS at the invatation of Bogomir Doringer. (Installation SoleNoid).

During the residency I also plan to work on a project:

Also sprach Zarathustra,
Homage to the light bulb, a choreography of 8 light bulbs.

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