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Maiko Takeda

Maiko Takeda

Bereich: Modedesign

Atmospheric Reentry 2013 © Maiko Takeda, Photo: Bryan Huynh

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London (UK)

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freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL


Oktober 2013 - Oktober 2013

Maiko Takeda is a London based milliner and jewellery designer. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, she recently completed her MA in millinery at the Royal College of Art. With her expertise and prior knowledge of jewellery design gained from her BA Jewellery Design (Hons) at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, her interest lies in creating ethereal adornments to the body. Environmental influences such as shadow, wind and gravity create an experience of wonder and bewilderment for the adorned. The form of her work itself can never be its sole feature as the extra element is always seeking to transcend the expectations of the wearer as part of the work.


2013 - Work in Progress @ Royal College of Art, London
2012 - SET: 40 Years of Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins @ Lethaby Gallery, London
2011 - To Bed @ SHOWstudio, London
2010 - Solo Exhibition Camera Obscura @ Hillside Terrace, Tokyo
2010 - Shades Down in Tokyo Town @ Calm and Punk Gallery, Tokyo

2013 - Stephen Jones Hat Design Competition (currently shortlisted as a finalist)
2012 - Intel Laptop Case Design Competition (Winner)
2010 - Goldsmiths Company Precious Metal Bursary (Winner)

<link http: www.maikotakeda.com>www.maikotakeda.com


Following the participation in FACELESS exhibition in September 2013 (Part2), my aim through the residency program is to develop my MA collection Atmospheric Reenty(2013) further to discover its maximum potential as fine art pieces that adorn the body.
For example, I wish to experiment with a broader range of materials in difference scales, which I have not yet done in the collection during my Fashion MA course at the Royal College of Art.

I believe that having such a fantastic opportunity and the environment provided by the program will allow me to explore and push the boundaries between fashion and art and let the collection evolve to its new level.

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