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Juliet Imbert

Juliet Imbert

Bereich: Mode

© Juliette Imbert

© Marie Benattar

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August 2013 - September 2013

Work Experience :
April 2013 : Production of own stitch and cut-and-sewn collection.
One-month tutorship of an ESMOD Rennes’intern
March 2013: fashion show for Toulouse’s business school.
Fashion show of ethical brand organised by Toulouse’s business school to promote ethical philosophy in fashion.
February 2013 : Self-employed as knitting fashion Designer.
November 2012 to January 2013 : Maison Chanel. Freelance.
Elaboration of prototypes patterns . Stitch skills in relation with the « parurier » Desrues.
Knitted jewellery with fine metallic chains for Chanel fashion show at the Arts Craft Show of Edinburgh.
December 2010  to July 2011: Maison Jean Paul Gaultier.
.Stitch designer assistant. Internship.
Development of mock-ups in volume and fitting, shopping, Embroidery patterns for seam, technical drawing, photo shoots assistant, management of PAP’s and Haute Couture’s collections’ files.
Collection plans.
2010 : Photo Shoot Assistante for PlaceDesTendances.com.
2008 : Edgar Hamon « parurier ». Internship.
Jewellery making for Chanel, Lanvin, Dior, Nina Ricci, Lacroix…
2006 to 2007 : Catherine Barbier, buying agent.
.New Delhi, India. Internship.
Fabric sourcing , checking the samples before production
brands : Madame à Paris, Swildens, Des petits hauts, Petite Mendigote, Gérard Darel.

Awards :
September 2012 : Ethical Fashion Show, Carrousel du Louvre.
April 2012 : International festival of young designers of Dinard.

Education :

2011 to 2012 : Ecole de la maille de Paris.
Knitting designer classes
2007 to 2011 : Studio Berçot, Paris.
Fashion designer classes
2005 to 2006 : University of philosophy, Rouen.
2004 to 2005 : highschool Guy de Maupassant, Fécamp.
French degree baccaulaureate

Profile Picture: © Marie Benattar


Juliet Imbert's " Dyad" is a collection of sustainable and handicraft designs all handmade in Vienna during a artist in residence in the MuseumsQuartier in summer 2013.
The collection is based on the idea of recycling and rehabilitation of the unused materials of Parisian luxury fashion houses mixed with vintage pieces found in the Viennese flea markets.

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