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Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey

Bereich: New Media Art

Public Sculpture © Jeremy Bailey

Colours of the Spectrum © Jeremy Bailey

Future of Television © Jeremy Bailey

Future of Marriage © Jeremy Bailey

Sisi © Jeremy Bailey

© Jeremy Bailey

© Jeremy Bailey

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New Media Art



Empfehlende Institution

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL


Oktober 2013 - Oktober 2013

b. 1979, Toronto, Canada, lives and works in Toronto.


2006 - M.F.A. - Art Video - Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY)
2002 - H.B.A. - Visual Studies/Sociology - University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)


First Look Commission, The New Museum (New York, NY) - Online Exhibition
Seven on Seven, Rhizome (New York, NY) - Performance
Important Portraits, Pari Nadimi Gallery (Toronto, ON) - Exhibition
Always Yours, des Objects Manques, des Monuments, Balice Hertling (Paris, France) - Exhibition
Western Front 40th Anniversary Auction, Western Front (Vancouver, BC) - Auction
MOSAIC, Polytechnic Museum (Moscow, Russia)
New Ages 3, 6119 Penn Ave, VIA 2012 (Pittsburgh, PA) - Performance
Cathode Ray Remission, WNDX, Negative Space (Winnipeg, MB) - Performance
Heavy Meta, Compression,  Trinity Square Video (Toronto, ON) - Screening
In Which Appear, Gallery 400 (Chicago, ON) - Screening
Master/Slave Invigilator System, AND Festival, Cornerhouse (Manchester, UK) - Installation/Performance
MediaLive 2012, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (Boulder, CO) - Performance
Augment It, The Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Performance
Jeremy Bailey, Light Night, FACT (Liverpool, UK) - Performance
The Jeremy Bailey Collection, The Marshall McLuhan Salon, the Berlin Embassy of Canada, Transmediale (Berlin, Germany)
Electric Speed, Surrey Art Gallery, (Surrey, BC) - Exhibition
Jeremy Bailey, Western Front, (Vancouver, BC) - Performance
Narrative Futures, FACT (Liverpool, UK) - Performance
Medium_Massage 2.0 :: an infinite inventory, Year Zero One, Contact Gallery, (Toronto, Canada) - Exhibition
Lucky PDF, Frieze Projects, Frieze Art Fair (London, UK) - Performance
Happy Endings, Abandon Normal Devices festival, (Liverpool, UK) - Performance
Young Artists Project 2011: Future Lab, Digital Nomad  – Meta Icon (Daegu City, South Korea) - Exhibition
Life Feed: New Works by Jeremy Bailey and Antoine Catala - New Museum, (New York, NY) - Performance
BYOB Venice, Internet Pavilion, (Venice, Italy) - Performance
The Future of Theatre, Uno Festival, (Victoria, BC) - Performance
Mediascape, a pas de Nam June Paik - Nam June Paik Art Center, (South Korea) - Exhibition / Performance
Jeremy Bailey- Pari Nadimi Gallery (Toronto, ON) - Solo Exhibition and Performance
The Future is Now: Media Arts, Performance and Identity after Nam June Paik- Tate Liverpool, (Liverpool, UK) - Performance
Dadamachinima - Devotion Gallery,(New York, NY) - Exhibition

Domain - ZER01 San Jose Biennial, (San Jose, CA) - Performance
Space Invaders - NIMk, (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - Exhibition
Videos Collide in Real 3D Space - Gallery 533 (Los Angeles, CA) - Performance
Subtle Technologies Festival (Toronto, ON) - Performance
Beyond the New World - Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, NY) - Screening
You're Doing It Wrong: Creative Misuse of Technology - 92YTribeca (New York, NY) - Performance
The Jeremy Bailey Show - HTTP Gallery (London, UK) - Solo Exhibition and Performance
Animator Statement - Vtape (Toronto, ON) - Exhibition
Jeremy Bailey - Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center (Buffalo, NY) - Solo Performance / Screening
Hey you with the Totally Awesome Face - Everson Museum  (Syracuse, NY) - Solo Exhibition
Blasted Theories - Rencontres Internationales - Circulo De Bellas Artes (Madrid, Spain) - Screening
Beyond in Western New York - Albright Knox Art Gallery (Buffalo, NY) - Exhibition
Oil Spill: New Painting in Ontario - SAW Gallery (Ottawa, ON) - Exhibition
Charming Beasts - Center for Contemporary Arts (Glasgow, Scotland) - Screening
Jeremy Bailey - Space 1026 (Philadelphia, PA) - Solo Performance / Screening
Kinema Screenings - Synch Festival (Athens, Greece) - Screening
Recent Canadian Shorts - MUU ry Artist's Space (Helsinki, Finland) - Screening
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen - Internationale Kurzfilmtage (Oberhausen, Germany) - Screening
Festival International du Film sur l’Art - Musee d'Art Contemporain (Montreal, QC) - Screening
Definitely Independent - Transmediale - Akademie der Kuenste (Berlin, Germany)
Mix Tape - Video Pool (Winnipeg, MB) - Exhibition
Puttin' On the Hits - New York Underground Film Festival (New York, NY) - Screening
Art Digital - Contemporary Art Center M’ARS (Moscow, Russia) - Exhibition
Color Theory - Vitamin Arte Contemporanea (Torino, Italy) - Exhibition    
Notorious Impropriety - Samson Projects (Boston, MA) - Exhibition
How To Be A Canadian, Eyebeam (New York, NY) - Screening
Reticent Robots, Klein Art Works (Chicago, IL) - Exhibition
25 hrs - The Video Art Foundation (Barcelona, Spain) - Screening


University of Boulder, Boulder, CO.
Cycling74 Expo, New York University, New York, NY.
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH.
Bard College, Red Hook, NY.
ITP, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, New York, NY.
The Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art, Portland, ME.
Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH.
Bard College, Red Hook, NY.
Massachusetts Art and Design School Boston, Boston MA.
Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AL.


2012 - FACT (Liverpool, UK)
2009 - Shargorod (Shargorod, Ukraine)
2008 - HTTP Gallery (London, UK), Liminal Screen - Banff Centre (Banff, AL)


2009 - Prix DeVarti for Funniest Film, Ann Arbor Film Festival, (Ann Arbor, MI)
2006 - Best of Show - Everson Biennial - Everson Museum (Syracuse, NY)


South Krystal, Image Control, Bear Deluxe Magazine, Portland, USA, February 2012.
Hertz Garnet, Jeremy Bailey - Interview, Vague Terrain, Toronto, Canada, January 2012.
Kholeif Omar, Performing the Self, Art Monthly, London, United KIngdom, February 2011.
Hutchinson Alex, Intelligence Deficit, The Walrus, Toronto, Canada, March 2011.
Smith J Greg, Interview with Jeremy Bailey, Rhizome, New York, USA, Dec 1, 2010.
Casalegno Mattia, Simi  Giulia, I am Open CV. the Augmented Art ofJeremy Bailey, Digimag, Milan, September 2010.
Catlow Ruth et al, Artists Rethinking Games, Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, 2010.
Sayej Nadja, Jeremy Bailey, ArtUS, Issue number 27, 2009.
R. Bosco, Un artista canadiense hace bolos con parodias de Internet y la informática, El Paìs, April 4 2009.
Olson Marissa, “Your Computer is a Painting”, Rhizome, New York USA, July 23 2008.
Gehman, Chris & Reinke, Steve, “The Sharpest Point, Animation at the End of Cinema”, YYZ Books, Toronto, 2005.
Crouse, Edward. “Sweet and Lowdown”, Village Voice, Toronto, VOL. L NO. 10, p.56.


2009 Co-Founder, ArtStars* (Toronto, ON)
2007 Public Programs Coordinator, Interaccess Electronic Media Arts Centre (Toronto, ON)
2006 Director, Spark Contemporary Art Space (Syracuse, USA)
2005 Instructor, Video Art - Syracuse University (Syracuse, USA)
2001 Co-Founder, 640 480 Artist Collective (Toronto, ON)


I will be exhibiting new work involving the human face as a software platform as well as giving a public presentation of my work as part of the exhibition <link http: www.quartier21.at no_cache programm _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>FACELESS part II at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL.


I was an Artist-in-Residence at quartier21 during the month of October 2013. During my stay I conceived of a new project inspired by Sisi Empress of Austria, who's imperial stables are now the site for the residency program. I learned that Sisi was famous for her beauty and her efforts to maintain it. She was among the first women in the world to diet and the first to have an obsessive exercise regimen. She was also a victim of a cult of celebrity we now find commonly among music and movie stars. During my time at the residency Miley Cyrus was the centre of similar public scrutiny. Some accused Miley of being forced by record executives to perform as a sex object, while others asserted that Miley was using her sexuality as a form of self-empowerment. Interestingly very few people took Miley's own words at face value. Sisi hated the public for this same reason, they rarely thought of her as anything more than entertainment. I decided to make work that was critical of this historic injustice toward female agency. I conceived of new software that would allow a person to stay young forever by turning themselves into a unicorn, a symbol of eternal youth. In my own life, my wife is the woman with whom I am most obsessed, and so it naturally followed that I should create the software for her. In the final video performance my wife wears an augmented reality software mask that turns her into a unicorn. Despite the privilege of eternal youth she is completely disabled by the mask, I control her speech by tying her mouth to my own voice and she is only able to express herself by dancing to Miley Cyrus and painting with her unicorn horn. She will stay beautiful forever but has lost her voice to me in the process and is forced to communicate in a way that makes it impossible for her to say anything we could ever understand as more than entertainment.
My time at quartier21 was wonderful. The history and significance of the venue was inspiring and the staff was supportive. I continue to draw inspiration from my time there, and have begun a second project inspired by Sisi's death mask (on display at the nearby Sisi museum) and the recent death of my grandparents. It will consist of a series of death masks for modern times, scanned from the faces of ordinary people and printed in bright 3d printed plastic. I've attached a patent drawing that describes the process I hope to undertake.

the video I mention can be watched here: <link http: www.youtube.com>www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypKg3e5lbFU&list=PL6C0D6FDFA2C6E75A&feature=share


Ausstellung kuratiert von Bogomir Doringer in Zusammenarbeit mit Brigitte Felderer (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien)

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