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David Helán

David Helán

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© David Helán

© David Helán

© David Helán

© David Helán

© David Helán

© David Helán

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November 2013 - November 2013

David Helan, born in 1979, was schooled in the School of Conceptual Tendencies by Prof. Milos Sejn at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, and for an intership was sent to London and New York. He lives and works in Brno and Prague, and right now is looking forward to a short visit to London before Vienna residency just for several weeks.

Selected exhibitions abroad:

2013 Crash Course of Slow Typing, CC Gallery, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
2012 Concentrado V., „A4“, Galeria Apis, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia
2012 Cabaret Vougaire, Perla Mode-Divo Institut, Zurich, Zwitzerland
2012 Nitro Intro, Bunker Gallery, Nitra, Slovak Republic
2012 We Have a Moth at Home., with Ivan Svoboda, Enter Gallery, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
2011 Public Transcendence (Phantorama), Glasscheibe, Petra Vankova Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2010 Transgression, Videotage, presentation of Czech Republic video and media art, Hongkong
2009 Exchange Students Exhibition, Cooper Union, New York, USA
2009 19 Years After, Czech Embassy, Berlin, Germany
2008 Cargo 2008, Czech art presentation Sofia, Bulgary
2008 Second Year Show, Middlesex University London, Great Britain


Just like I have been trying time to keep my activities free and wild as long as possible, and go through all the possible media, in my main interest right now I observe a potential for an activity called LP, based in a decision, that with every activity i will start in parallel, it is not ever possible to end with.
So called Long Play maxicycle considers change to be a process closed in a very specific playground.
A very good example of this is so called Encyclopedeia, which also complexly documents my recent activities. In cooperation with David Hrivnacky, Marek Hlavac, or with Milos Sejn, I have found a way for showing my performative character and to multiconnect myself with other performance artists in the future.

As LP is what actually makes me really happy, I would like to try all this fresh knowledge transcript to a new project in Vienna. In the centre of my interest growing up in my mind stands all-night movie, which will demonstrate a final elevation of individual mental processes to a Space future existence forming factor. Other plan represents freestyle translation of my personal Encyclopedeia vocabulary into English language. Another activity performed at the residency will be an installation of transformed ready-made glass-metal table called Table-Well, by using pairs of half-permeable mirrors. Under my intervention this will change this furniture into a special depth space projector, a famous entry icon from somewhere of the long non-materialistic epoch beginning.


Residency in MQ was fixed to an experiment of personal transformation from a group performer to solo performing artist. Scenarios of individual pieces were created in the form of ideas, so I can present them in the Czech Republic. As you can see on the photographs, there were minimally eight performative presentations close to this time. Concentrate to idea of Yves Clown and other fictive history art personas, I was also trying to do a piece connected to a space of Mumok, which was at the end unrealistic to do inside. During one month spent in MQ a was four times on the way to Prague in the name of this marathon, visiting also Brno for present my work. Between this travelling there was a playable training of concentration taking place in MuseumsQuartier‘s flat, any result of my work was visible inside this space. But I have to say at the same time, I am trying actively to do an exhibition in Vienna, and a performance at the yard of MQ at the beginning of the year 2014, or do next visiting trips to Vienna. An important point of the residency was also the simply information about having the stay. Because I new one year before about it, I made tons of artistic Esperanto text sound recordings before, during the residency time used as a part of performance mostly, which was an important turnover from a Czech language writing for me. This way I would like also thank all of you for your help, and for an invitation to Vienna.

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