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Ari Versluis

Ari Versluis

Bereich: Kunst / Mode

Exactitudes: Volunteers, Rotterdam 2006

© Ari Versluis

Exactitudes: Sapeurs, Paris 2008

© Ari Versluis

Exactitudes: New Skool, Evry 2009

© Ari Versluis

Exactitudes: Grand Hello Tour, Amsterdam 2014

© Ari Versluis

Exactitudes: Trendsetters, Florence 2018

© Ari Versluis

Exactitudes: Me-Mies, Rotterdam 2020

© Ari Versluis

Exactitudes: Cassettes Gang, London 2008

© Ari Versluis

Key Facts




Kunst / Mode



Empfehlende Institution

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL


Juli 2013 - Juli 2013

Born 1961 in Werkendam, The Netherlands


1973 - 1979 Antheneum Gorinchem, The Netherlands
1980 - 1986 Willem de Kooning Academy of Fine Arts Rotterdam, The Netherlands


1988 - 1992 Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, The Netherlands
2003 - 2004 Akademie St. Joost, Breda, The Netherlands
2008 - 2012 Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Guest teaching

2002 - 2004 Merz Akademie Stuttgart, Germany
2010 - 2012 Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich, Switzerland

2006 - 2008 TU Delft, The Netherlands
2007 Design academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2008 The Photographers Gallery London, England
2008 Dutch Embassy in France, Paris, France
2009 Philip du Pury & Company, London, England
2010 Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, England
2011 IFF Rotterdam & Premsela - Dutch platform for Design and Fashion
2011 Naim / Bureau Europa Maastricht & Premsela - Dutch platform for Design and Fashion
2012 Cinema Zuid Antwerpen & Premsela - Dutch platform for Design and Fashion

Selected Exhibitions

Art Rotterdam, Flatland Gallery, The Netherlands

Bleu Jeans, Centraal Museum Utrecht, The Netherlands
Basic Instincts Shenzhen, China
Common Ground, Biennale di Architectura 2012 Venice, Italy
Megacool, 4.0 Künstlerhaus Vienna, Austria
Basis Instincts Arnhem, The Netherlands
Defence, Vögele Kultur Zentrum, Pfäffikon, Switserland
Celebration of the Photobook, Nederlandse Fotomuseum Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Exactitudes, Gallery Ruttkowski;68, Cologne, Germany

l’Enigme du portrait – Musée d’art Contemporain Marseille, France
Basic Instincts – Villa Elisabeth Berlin, Germany
Angry – Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Was ist schön – Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden, Germany
The definition of Self – 21_21 Design Site Tokio, Japan
Fotostudio Exactitudes – Kosmopolis Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Streeple – Kunstraum Richard Sorge Berlin, Germany
Moeders & Vaders – Villa Zebra Rotterdam, The Netherlands
New Graffity old revolutions – MK Galerie Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Ministerie van OCW The Hague, The Netherlands
2e Kamer der Staten Generaal The Hague, The Netherlands

Uguali, differenti – Palazzo Incontro Rome, Italy
Superstories – Modemuseum Hasselt, Belgium
Philips de Pury & Co. London, England
Repeat Please – Stedelijk Museum ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
‘outside wallpaper’ Embassy of The Netherlands Berlin, Germany

The Photographers Gallery at Selfridges London, England
Photo Miami , USA
Next Art Chicago ,  USA
One of a kind – Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, USA
United in diversity – Thalys train Europe
Paris Photo, Paris, France

Galerie Cokkie Snoei Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Noovo Santiago de Compostella , Spain
Moca Tapei ,  Taiwan
Atelierhaus Herman Rosa Munchen , Germany

Centro Cultural Borges – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Family Viewing Curator Space London, England
CONTACT Toronto’s photography festival,  Canada
De God van Nederland Museum Catherijneconvent Utrecht, The Netherlands
Galery LH Paris,  France
I drank the kool-aid – Anna Kustera galery  New York,  USA

Skin Deep Galerie LUMC Leiden,  The Netherlands
20e Festival International de Mode et de Photographie Hyeres, France
Museum Boymans van Beuningen Project Rotterdam Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Fotoseptiembre Centro de la Imagen , Mexico City, Mexico

Institut Néerlandais Paris, France

Fotomuseum Den Haag, The Netherlands
VIP’s XL Gallery Rotterdam , The Netherlands
Dataknitting DEAF03 Rotterdam ,  The Netherlands

Galerie Aeroplastics Brussels , Belgium

Appearances and essence Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam,  The Netherlands
Flatland Galery Utrecht, The Netherlands
Witte Zaal Gent, Belgium
l’Espace Actua Casablanca ,  Morocco
City bikes Amsterdam/Bejing Historisch Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Museu da Republica Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Historisch Museum Rotterdam,  The Netherlands

Surfing – CBK Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Kunsthal Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Alliance Francaise Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Heritage of the 20th century Fotofestival Naarden , The Netherlands
Galerie Alain Gutharc Paris,France


Collection Neuflize France
Art Collection of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Art Collection of the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Art Collection of the Dutch House of Repesentatives
Eneco Art Collection
Achmea Art collection
Artcollection Randstad
Collection museum Catherijneconvent Utrecht
The Fnac Collection
Collection The Toledo Musem of Art Ohio
Mudam Collection Luxembourg

Book Publications

2011 Exactitudes 5th Enlarged edition – Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek

2010 Exactitudes 4th Enlarged edition – Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek

2007 Exactitudes 3rd Enlarged edition – Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek
Dutch Eyes – A critical history of photography in The Netherlands

2006 God among the Dutch - Contemporary photography – Colin Huizing, Nicolette Bartelink

2005 ‘Icons’ Webdesign Portfolios – Julius Wiedemann

2004 Exactitudes 2nd edition – Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek
False Flat – Why dutch design is so good – Aaron Betsky & Adam Eeuwens

2003 The fourth sex – Adolescent extremes – Francesco Bonami (& Raf Simons)
Fotografen in Nederland - Een anthologie 1865-2002 – Wim van Sinderen
Information is alive – Art & theorie on archiving and retreiving data – Joke Brouwer en Arjan Mulder
Human Branding – Strutting Johnnie Walker – Kenneth Pratt

2002 Exactitudes 1rst edition - Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek

1991 Het vrouwengezelschap - Ari Versluis & Gina Kranendonk

Selected Press Publications

PIG Quartly, Milano /New York - USA
NRC Lux magazine Li Edelkoort - The Netherlands


Le Nouvel Observateur Magazine - France
Smith Journal - Australia
Hä? - Switzerland
Het Nederlands Fotoboek - The Netherlands
New Style Man - The Netherlands
Kunstlicht - The Netherlands

Dummy Magazine - Germany
Sleek Magazine – Germany
Nrc Handelsblad – The Netherlands
Algemeen Dagblad – The Netherlands
Code d’Acces – France


TGV Magazine – France
Le Monde Magazine – France
Knack Weekend - Belgium
Volkskrant Magazine – The Netherlands
The Outlook Magazine – China
Vrij Nederland – The Netherlands
Linda – The Netherlands
Elle – France


Le Monde 2 – France
La Domenica di Repubblica – Italy
Il Giornale – Italy
Brand Eins – Germay
Wound – Great Brittain
Selfridges & Co – England
Down Town – Denmark
Morf – The Netherlands
Marie Claire – South Africa

L’uomo Vogue – Italy
The Observer Magazine –England
The Independent Magazine – England
BPM – United States
The Guardian Weekend –England
La Tribune & Moi – France
D2 – Norway
Pending – Switserland
Zoo Magazine – The Netherlands

Gup – The Netherlands
Telerama – France
Passionate magazine – The Netherlands

WAD – France
Trouw – The Netherlands
Nrc Next – The Netherlands
The Sunday Times style magazine – England
Elsevier Thema – The Netherlands
New York Magazine –USA

A Magazine #3 curated by Haider Ackermann – Belgium  
ID Magazine – England
Catalogue 20e Festival International de Mode et de Photography Hyeres – France
Influence – USA
Intermediair – The Netherlands

Kid’s Wear – Germany
Vogue Hommes International – France
Vrij Nederland – The Netherlands


Metropolis M – The Netherlands
Katalog – Denmark
Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin – Germany
Deng – Belgium
Tank – Great Brittain
ID Magazine – England
View on Colour – France
Elsevier – The Netherlands

Link – The Netherlands
NRC Handelsblad – The Netherlands
MOOOI catalogue – The Netherlands

De Standaard – Belgium

Volkskrant Magazine – The Netherlands
Domingo Jornal do Brasil – Brasil

Rotterdams Dagblad – The Netherlands
Nrc Handelsblad – The Netherlands
Volkskrant – The Netherlands
Vrij Nederland – The Netherlands


Blvd. – The Netherlands

Blvd. – The Netherlands

Quick Japan – Japan
Blvd. – The Netherlands


Invited by Mister Bogomir Doringer, and working together with him on the project and exhibition Faceless will be the main focus of the stay in this artist studio.
The artistic work will focus on creating  an installation for this exhibition.
The longterm artproject Exactitudes will be the foundation of this participation.
During my stay in Vienna I will research and and pre-produce the creation of Vienna Exactitudes serie to be included- among other already existing Exactitudes series - in the Faceless exhibition.

In a later phase of the stay my collegue and co-author of Exactitudes Ellie Uyttenbroek will come to Vienna to finalize, and profile the shooting of the Vienna Exactitude series.
Back home in Rotterdam will be the place for postproduction.
In the second half of the Faceless exhibition at the end of September 2013, the Vienna series will find its staged premiere.


July 2013 – the hottest summer month for years.
First time in Vienna  - I arrived in the evening  ending up watching Wagner’s opera Der Ring des Nibelungen as a Film projection in Rathausplatz.
Truly interested people were watching quietly: I watched them.
That lovely night did stop, back in the MusuemsQuartier people were still maximizing  this summer sensation till the early hours.
It was lovely to see how self regulated these moments in public space were - a kind of freedom which I hadn’t experienced in a long time.

In this ongoing and just starting détente I began to work on my archive, my self assessment for my stay in the artist –in –residence program.
In the hectic practice of the photographer there is never enough time to really
look back and order all the rest material of your photographic projects.
Brilliant moments and wonderful encounters can be completely forgotten when not Revisited, Re-edited and Ordered.
The peaceful and inspiring  backdrop of Vienna  gave it all the right entourage to have this process of self reflection and organization.

This journey to my archive - which I completed -  was combined with exploring the city of Vienna from top till bottom.  Meeting people, seeing all the great art collection Vienna has to offer, and attending fantastic international dance pieces during the ImpulsTanz Festival.
In having professional meetings  and the opportunity to fully concentrate the
MuseumQuartier functioned fabulous.
Being part of the exhibition Faceless curated by Brigitte Felderer and Bogomir Doringer provided the perfect chance to illustrate your initial meetings  with your actual artwork as could be seen in this intriguing exhibition.
Initial meetings are as we speak turned into real possibilities for future collaborations.

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