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Andrew Newman

Andrew Newman

Bereich: Performance Kunst / Medientheorie

© Andrew Newman

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Performance Kunst / Medientheorie



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Artistic Bokeh


Juli 2013 - Juli 2013

Born Sydney 1983

Solo and Two-person Exhibitions
2011 Love Letter by Letter, National Institute for Experimental Arts, Sydney
2009 Comings and Goings, Don’t Look Gallery, Sydney
2008 Desperately Trying to Tell You Something, Firstdraft, Sydney
2007 Paper Waltz, Don’t Look Gallery, Sydney
2006 How Are You Hotel Waterloo, Don’t Look Gallery, Sydney
2004 Their Lust Stains My Flower Bed, Newspace, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions
2012 Laneway Festival, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
Experiments, National Institute of Experimental Arts, Sydney
2011 Perspectives on Video Performance, Regina Rex, New York
Erotographomania, CAST Gallery, Hobart
The Stain, Verge Gallery, Sydney
2009 Map / Ground / Grain, Inflight, Hobart
Out of Their Comfort Zone, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney
2008 Graduation Show, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
I Miss the Comfort in Being Sad, Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
2006 The Good, The Bad, and The Tee Vee, Don’t Look Gallery, Sydney
Ipso Video, Loose Projects, Sydney
Cones of Zontact, Loose Projects, Sydney
Cataract, Newspace, Sydney
2005 Rundgang, Universität der Künste, Berlin
Die Nacht der 7 Traurigkeiten, Palast der Republik, Berlin
Travel Documents, Newspace, Sydney
Design Festa, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo
Graduation Show, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
2003 Beat Your Shallow Chest, Knot Gallery, Sydney
My Pictures Were Once Stuck in a Machine, Newspace, Sydney
Techno Derby 3000, Kudos Gallery, Sydney

2011 Performance Month, Peloton, Sydney
Performance Night, PSH Gallery, Sydney
2007 An Introduction to Locksmith, Locksmith Project Space, Sydney
2006 Cabaret Voltaire, Cellar Theatre, Sydney
Absurd Speech Night, Don’t Look Gallery, Sydney
2005 Video Killed the Art Star, Manning, Sydney
2004 J.A.C.K, Gaelic Theatre, Sydney
J.A.C.K, China Heights, Sydney
2003 J.A.C.K, Hopetoun, Sydney

Grants, Prizes and Scholarships
2010 ArtStart Grant, Australia Council for the Arts
2008 Dominik Mersch Gallery Award
2007 Winner, Union of Sydney University Prize for Portraiture
2006 Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Exchange Scholarship, Sydney University
University Postgraduate Award, Sydney University
2005 Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Exchange Scholarship, Sydney University
2004 Continuing Undergraduate Scholarship, Sydney University

2011 PhD candidate (Visual Culture), Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics, College
of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales
2010 Master of Arts (Journalism), University of Technology Sydney
2009 Master of Fine Arts (Media Arts), Sydney College of the Arts
2007 Exchange semester (Experimental Media) Universität der Künste, Berlin
2006 Bachelor of Visual Arts, Hon I, (Media Arts), Sydney College of the Arts
2005 Exchange semester (Experimental Media) Universität der Künste, Berlin

2011 Greg Shapley, After the artefact: Post-digital photography in our post-media era
Journal of Visual Art Practice, Vol 10 Issue 1
Anne Ferran, On abjection and love Verge Gallery, The Stain Catalogue Essay
2009 Sach Catts, Comings and Goings catalogue essay, Don’t Look Gallery,
2008 Alex Lawler, Desperately Trying to Tell You Something catalogue essay, Firstdraft
Erin O’Dwyer, Lost in transition, Sydney Morning Herald, August 2
2007 Greg Shapley, Paper Waltz catalogue essay, Don’t Look Gallery
Ben Falkenmire, A time to dance, The Glebe, March 22
2006 Ryszard Dabek, Ipso Video catalogue essay, Loose Projects

2013 This Art and That Knowledge, ‘ Researching BWPWAP’ University of Aarhus,
Copenhagen and Transmediale Festival, Berlin
2009 Andrew Newman, Call to arms, Locksmith Project, issue 2, Sept
2009 Andrew Newman, The mute arsehole, Dum Dum catalogue essay, Locksmith, Sept
2009 Andrew Newman, Vessels, Invested Objects catalogue essay, Firstdraft, May
2008 Andrew Newman, Existential exercise, Six Feet Over catalogue essay, Helen Rose
Schauersberger Laboratorium, December
2006 Andrew Newman, Um what was that, Cones of Zontact catalogue, Loose Projects

Conference Papers
2012 Art Must Fail Knowledge, ‘Researching BWPWAP' Transmediale, Leuphana
University, Germany
2011 The Poetics of Content Analysis, ‘Experimental Arts’ – University of New South
Wales, Sydney, Australia
2009 Comings and Goings: An art exercise in repetition, ‘Framing Time and Place: Repeats and returns in photography’ University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
2009 Tralfamadorian Time: Digital rhythm and anxiety, ‘Time Transcendence
Performance’ Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


Art work as Knowledge work

Globalism and technological developments have seen the emergence of a new economy centred on the valorisation of immaterial capital. This new economy has been described as a knowledge economy, creative economy, post-­‐fordist economy and as a cognitive-­‐cultural economy. Marx described it as an economy where knowledge becomes 'the greatest productive force' and one where 'direct labour and its quantity disappear as the determinant principle of production' to become 'an, of course, indispensable but subordinate moment, compared to general scientific labour'. Marx’s knowledge is described as both the artistic and scientific development of individuals.

During my residency I will performative artistic practice exploring art work as a form of knowledge work. This will include working on the ongoing roject Comings and Goings (Essay on the artwork is attached). I will also produce a live performance extending the work of The old in out (Documentation of performance attached.

More visual documentation can be viewed at my website: <link http: anewman.net _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>anewman.net

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