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Tara Tiger Brown

Tara Tiger Brown

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Los Angeles

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Dezember 2012 - Dezember 2012

Tara Tiger Brown is an accomplished tech entrepreneur, educator and opinion writer with over 15 years experience as an interactive producer working at USC, UC Irvine, Shazam, Topspin and Microsoft.
Brown’s latest projects include Represent.LA, an open-source map to put Los Angeles tech startups on the map and Teach Me Stuff, a robust platform matching virtual mentors with interest-driven learners with a vision to pair it with a physical kid friendly makerspace in Los Angeles.
Tara is Co-organizer for Transmedia LA and regularly speaks and teaches the technology side of transmedia. Her current transmedia projects include: Flotsam: A Children’s Transmedia Play Experience developed by USC Annenberg Innovation Lab and The Alchemists and Austrian Indie Film: Sierra-Zulu.
Tara founded LAdy Tacos for women in Los Angeles who want to hack on software and hardware projects while maintaining a sense of humor. She is passionate about getting more women into the technology field and supporting tech startups in Los Angeles which she blogs about for Forbes.

In case you prefer bullet points:

  • Open-source map of LA Tech Startups: Represent.LA (adopted by 10 other cities and counting…)
  • Interest-driven mentor matching project: Teach Me Stuff
  • Technology Consultant at UC Irvine
  • Opinion pieces on Forbes about tech and women in tech
  • Organizes events for kids focused on software and hardware programming
  • Transmedia Consultant at USC and film Sierra Zulu.
  • Co-manages Transmedia LA
  • Founded ladies tech group LAdy Tacos
  • Freelance Technical Product Management gigs
  • Speaks about transmedia and technology
  • Connects talented folks with tech startups in LA


Wearable Technology for Youth that can be made by Youth including proximity badges based on their interests and skills.

I am exploring innovative ways that youth can literally wear their skills and interests on their sleeves. I am working with top researchers on supporting youth in their passionate interests and one area that we want to explore is wearable technology fashion that allows youth to share with others what their areas of interests are and discover others with those same interests when in close proximity by using various outputs including LEDs, sound, etc.

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