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Fran Ilich

Fran Ilich

Bereich: Neue Medien

© Fran Ilich

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Mexiko, USA


Neue Medien


New York

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April 2012 - April 2012


Diego de la Vega™ it's a coin-operated cooperative media conglomerate where real people work, creating a virtual industry thru network connections in order to produce material results in the real world. Its nano-macro-economy is measured with the Digital Material Sunflower currency, which can be acquired or earned thru digital labor.

Globalized capitalist markets use finance as a means to extract surplus and value from localized world production - relying on networks of power to do so. But finance can also be reversed engineered so that it becomes the seed for new forms of cooperation,collaboration and socialization, drawing on and building networks thru virtual communities.

Used creatively, finance can actually further the prosperity and efficacy of community  building thru narrative media, solidarity agriculture, digital labor and other activist practices, as well as strengthen the hope of sustainability in creative digital labor and internet production practices.


During my stay at the residence in the Museum Quartier I worked in several projects, as well as furthering relationships with people from the region.

This involved writing a draft of a feature film screenplay about life in Tijuana during the times of the global drug trade.

I also worked on a first treatment for a documentary movie to be filmed by director Christoph Mayr. It was later approved by the Austrian Film Institute, but for some reason or another it didn't come to fruition.

As well I started work on some of the ideas that eventually became the Raiders of the Lost Crown alternative reality game that was developed at the Krems Donau Festival in 2013.

I also did an installation of my Spacebank project with Esel at an Artist and gaming event at MQ.

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