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Patrik Linhart

Patrik Linhart

Bereich: Literatur / Theorie

© Patrik Linhart

© Patrik Linhart

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Literatur / Theorie



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tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


Oktober 2011 - Oktober 2011

1988-1992 Gymnasium Teplice 
1992-1997 Faculty of Social and Economic Studies Ústí nad Labem - Human Resources Management Study (thesis topic Cultural and social perspectives of postmodern society) 
2002-2004 Pedagogical Studies on PF Ústí nad Labem

1996-1997 editor of the Weekly North 
1998-1999 alternative military service (personal agency SHU) 
2000 social worker in a monastery Osek 
2000-2003 teacher of economics, civics and psychology at high school Krupka 
2005-2006 teacher of economics and psychology at the Business Academy in Ústí nad Labem 
2007 grant projects (the Anglo-American culture) 
2007-2008 external consultant in magazine Reflex 
2008 social worker in the K-center, Ústí nad Labem 
2009-2010 editor of the weekly Our address Teplice 

Poet, artist and performer. He lives in Teplice and Duchcov. He publishes also under many heteronymes  f. e. Albert Krásno, Pavel Jazyk, Hugo Hugo, Alexander Nihilovskij, Peter Tygr, René Skalský
In 1994 he founded with Roman Krajíc († 2007) and Anna Marie Pecháčková The Půnebí Group, which publishes literary Revue Dekadent Geniální. He is the founder of the Scientific Studies The old mistress, whose focus is research on the landscape, among other things, patafysics, frenetism, fantastic and marginal literature. 
Since 2003 -  he is a member of the radical ballet Vyžvejklá Bambule (theater, performances and happenings, film). Under the name Patrik Vetrugin he exhibits prints and drawings. 
Illustrations accompany all his books. It is represented in art Proceedings bubble blower (Grafobal Press 2007) and participated in exhibition project by word and image, which presented 
creative work of writers and literary artists to create exhibitions of the Praha – Brno - Havlíčkův Brod (Catalog and Word image, ARSkontakt 2008). 

He is represented in many anthologies and almanacs: 
From the coast to the mountains (Votobia 2000), Hovnajs! Anthology of Czech patafysics 1982-2004 (Clinamen 2004), Fifth corona (Kapucín 2004), New Czech literature from 1995 to 2004 (FRA 2004), Czech radio essay 2002-2004 (Concordia, 2004), Horseman 
dolphins. Anthology of Czech erotic and pornographic literature (Concordia, 2005), A book about pussy (Dybbuk 2007), Prague Tales (NEW 2008), 2000 Almanac Teplický Šlauch 
(Martin Tomášek 2001-2011) Proceedings of the country where the guilty 
(Kapucín 2009), an anthology If I came into Kaufland, I was in Brno (Větrné mlýny 2009), Proceedings of the strings He trailed off sound ...? (Kapucín 2010), Unconditional horizons. Proceedings of the 90th birthday of Ludvík Kundera (Weles 2010). 
Outside of short prose pieces by the Committee contributed to the first bed of collections of seven contemporary artists 7edm (Theo 2005). 
Like editor he has prepared an anthology of literary scene Teplice: Valley of Unrest (H_aluze 2010). 

Own literary creation, commentaries and scholarly articles published in Czech and foreign journals. Host, Analogon, Salon Práva, Tvar, Weles, H_aluze, Protimluv, Babylon, Reflex, Psí víno, Pandora, Pako, polish Bohema magazines and Portret, and slovakian magazines Romboid and Život, and the online english magazine Cafe Irreal. In 2005-2007 he resulted in a monthly guest column on its own Wrong address. Since 2009, resulting in literature magazin Tvar
own section Hello, this purifier!  
In magazines (Host, Analogon, Salon) he published studies and translations of English-language writers Arthur Machen, Edgar Allan Poe, William Chambers, W. H. Hodgson. 

He was co-creator and actor was involved in film and fiction Lunch at the intersection of documents (2000, 15 min.) Doctor Handsome and sister Grease (2002, 20 min.) Sudeten patient 
(2002, 0.5 min.) Pindíci (2003, 100 min.), 666 m (2004, 85 min.), 24.8 Celsius (2006, 90 min.) Acta Sudetica (2007, 120 min.) Siřem´s day of Franz Kafka (2009, 90 min.). In 2011 his work was on the TV cycle Daily readership documentary filmed Patrik Linhart – Demons will shout. 

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