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Jane Tingley

Jane Tingley

Bereich: Medienkunst

Peripheral © Jane Tingley

Peripheral © Jane Tingley

trichobothria © Jane Tingley

trichobothria © Jane Tingley

solar branch © Jane Tingley

Branch Prosthetic © Jane Tingley

Re-Collect © Jane Tingley

Re-Collect © Jane Tingley

Key Facts







Empfehlende Institution



September 2010 - Oktober 2010

• Concordia University Masters of Fine Arts in Studio Arts - Sculpture 2006
• MAWA – Mentorship with Diana Thorneycroft 2003
• School of the Art Institute of Chicago – MFA – 1 semester 2001
• University of Manitoba - Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours 1999
Major: Sculpture - Graduated with First Class Honour
Selected Awards/ Grants (selected)
• Canada Council – Travel Grant – Media Arts Section 2009
• Conseil des Arts et letters de Quebec – Travel Grant – Media Arts Section 2009
• CAMAC – Subvention from the Fondation Ténot 2009
• Vermont Studio Center - Partial Fellowship from the VLC Fellowship Fund 2008
• Canada Council for the Arts – Travel Grant – Visual Arts Section 2007
• Canada Council for the Arts– Production Grant – New Media Section 2006
• Centre Interuniversitaire des Arts Médiatique (CIAM) – Travel Grant 2005
• CIAM – Project funding for Tinkering, Sensors, Machines and Methods 2005
• CIAM – Graduate Project Funding 2004
• Manitoba Arts Council - Student Bursary 2004
• Manitoba Arts Council - Student Bursary 2003
• Manitoba Arts Council - Visual Arts ‘C’ Grant 2002
• The Readers Digest/Lila Achenson Wallace Award 2001
• Kenneth Finkelstein Prize in Sculpture at the University of Manitoba 1999

Dissemination of works (selected)

Future Exhibitions
• Paraflows exhibition - Mind and Matters - Peripheral Response. 09/2010
(invited) Curator: Monochrom. Kunstlerhaus Vienna, Austria. EU
• Solo Exhibition - Plant(iPod)Installation (selected) Curator: Griffith Aaron Baker 03/2011
Estevan Art Gallery, Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada
• Elektra Festival 2011 – Peripheral Response (selected) Director: Alain Thibault 05/2011
Montréal, Québec, Canada
• TransLife - Media Art China 2011 – Plant(iPod)Installation (selected) 09/2011
Curator: Zhang Ga. National Art Museum of China, Beijing. China
Solo Exhibitions
• Solar Branch Prosthetic - Permanent Installation and opening exhibition 2010
Marnay-Sur-Seine, Aube, France
• Ecology; Water, Air, Sound Artscape Whychwood Barns, Toronto, Ontario 2009
Installation: Plant(iPod)Installation.
Curator - New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) Darren Copeland
• Permanent Installation of Branch Prosthetic in St Faustin, Québec, CANADA 2009
• Permanent Installation of Branch Prosthetic in Montréal, Québec, CANADA 2009
Plant(iPod)Installation FoFA Gallery, 1515 Ste Catherine St O Montreal, QC. CAD 2008
Installation: Plant(iPod)Installation and Tree Prosthetic.
• Peripheral Response 2006
Bourget Gallery, Montreal, Qc. CAD - Installation: Peripheral Response
Group Exhibitions and Festivals
• Around the Frayed Edges - Agnes Jamieson Gallery Minden, Ontario 2010
Curated by Laurie Carmount – catalogue produced
Presented: Body; trichobothria.
• Nuit Blanche - Artscape Whychwood Barns Toronto, Ontario 2009
Opening night for - Ecology; Water, Air, Sound Exhibition
Curator - New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) Darren Copeland
• Nuit Blanche Toronto, Ontario 2008
Partial Installation of Peripheral Response ii
Curator: New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA)
• Toronto Art Fair Toronto, Ontario 2008
Partial Installation of Peripheral Response
Curator: New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA)
• Corps habité / The Inhabited Body -Three-artist exhibition 2007
Group Molior exhibition space at 661Rose-de-Lima, Montreal, QC
Installation: Peripheral Response. Curator: Anrée Duchaine of Group Molior
• Chantier Libre, C.A.S.H, Montréal, QC, Canada 2007
Presented: Tree Prosthetic and Plant Installation work-in-progress
• Robo Co-op presented by ELEKTRA and Usine C 2007
Partial Installation of Peripheral Response
Montreal All-Nighter. Organized by Simon Laroche
• Break 2.3 – “New Species”, 8th International Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia 2005
Installation: Peripheral Response. Curator: Polona Tratnik - Catalogue produced
• Ignition 2 – Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery, Montreal, Quebec 2005
Curated by Michèle Thériault. Installation: Body;trichobothria
• Drawing Resistance - Label for Artists; Winnipeg, MB. Canada 2003
Sculpture: Gaming Arm
• Identity - Gallerie Le Deco; eyesaw exhibition; Tokyo, Japan 2001
Kinetic Sculpture: Herman and Betty
• Show 2000 - Canadian Embassy; Tokyo, Japan 2000
Photographs – Curated by Meridyth Bishop and Daniel E. Naumann
• Thesis Show - Main Access Gallery; Winnipeg, MB., Canada 1999
Sculpture: The Venetian Blind Dress
• Le Proche et le Lointain - International Festival of Photography - Arles, France 1996
• Le Proche et le Lointain - Canadian Cultural Centre – Paris, France 1996
Future Residencies
• Mind and Matter – Paraflows Conference Residency – two-month residency 2010
Museumsquarter, Museumplatz, Vienna, Austria

• CAMAC – Marnay sur Seine, France. One-month residency 2010
• Vermont Studio Centre - Johnson, Vermont. USA. One-month residency 2009
• Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt - Schumacher & Jonas. Two-week residency 2007
Pasteurstr. 13 - D-10407 Berlin, Germany – EU - Catalogue produced

Publications and Web Documents (selected)
• Around the Frayed Edges – Catalogue – Minden, Ontario, Canada 2010
• La Canadianne Jane Tingley très…branchée. Text written by Barbara Baudin 2010
L’Est Éclair, Feb 7th, 2010
• Espaces néomédiatiques. Text written by Sylvie Parent 2008
ETC Magazine, Issue 84
• Jane Tingley’s Plant (iPod) Installation. Text written by Ernestine Daubner 2008
• News From Apple, the iTree, By Stacey Ho, Things of Desire – On-line Aug 21st 2008
• Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt - Catelogue 2008
• BRT – Bachmann, Roussel, Tingley; Le corps habité 2007
Essay written by Jason Arsenault
• Corps Habité / The Inhabited Body –Youtube – On-line Dec 10th 2007
• Les Fleurs du Mal, Concordia University Magazine – June Issue 2007
• Break 2.3 Catalogue - 8th International Festival; Ljubljana, Slovenia 2005
• Show 2000 at the Canadian Embassy Gallery by Monty DiPietro 2000
• Warehouse Journal - University of Manitoba, Vol. 8 1998/9

<link http: www.janetingley.com _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>www.janetingley.com
<link http: www.vimeo.com janetingley _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>www.vimeo.com/janetingley

Jane Tingley



Prototype for Re-Collect.
Images: <link http: www.flickr.com photos janetingley sets>www.flickr.com/photos/janetingley/sets/72157625265500544/
Video: <link http: vimeo.com _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>vimeo.com/16307478

<link http: janetingley.com re-collect _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>janetingley.com/re-collect

and the DareDroid 1.0 with Anouk Wipprecht and Marius Kintel
Images: <link http: www.flickr.com photos janetingley sets>www.flickr.com/photos/janetingley/sets/72157625745945684/
Video: <link http: vimeo.com _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>vimeo.com/18404589

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