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Filip Cenek

Filip Cenek

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getting closer magnifying © Filip Cenek

© Filip Cenek

© Filip Cenek

Blackout © Filip Cenek

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tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


September 2010 - Oktober 2010

Educated projectionist, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Brno University of Technology, Atelier of Video (Keiko Sei). Has worked as a teacher and assistant at the faculty since 2003 (since 2008 he is the head of Video Studio). In the second half of the 1990s, he dealt with the theory and practice of non-linear stories and narrations in the digital environment (especially with the paradox of the expression “interactive story”) and then with fuzziness, illegibility and omissions as positive phenomena.

In his postgradual experiments at the FAMU Centre of Audiovisual Studies in Prague, he is dealing with the topicality of image (vjing) and the creation of live re-edits of refound photographs and sounds resulting in a specific audiovisual revision of recall and imaginariness. In collaboration (mostly with Jiri Havlicek), he has created several short films and animations dealing with rearranging of characters and various language of animation narrativity, a reminiscence to a generation’s experience with fairytale creation and experimental use of audial accompaniment.

In 2004, he was awarded the Tranzit Developmental Grant for his work in the field of visual media which allowed him to realize Carpets Curtains DVD-Video disc (Errant Bodies, Denmark/USA 2006), documenting his cooperation with the musician Ivan Palacký. He is represented in the National Gallery Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art in Prague, the Marek Collection and few other video libraries.

He has occasionally presented his works at exhibitions of contemporary art and film festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad (Centre Pompidou, Paris; L’immagine leggera, Palermo; EMAF, Osnabruck; Wardrobe, Leeds; Parker’s Box, New York; MNAC, Bucharest; SPOR, Aarhus; TransFusion, Hamburg among others). He makes the visible part of Midi Lidi project and works as a co-curator for FreshFilmFest (Theatre Optique section) in Karlovy Vary and NewNew! Festival in Brno.

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