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Catherine Mudford

Catherine Mudford

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© Catherine Mudford

© Catherine Mudford

Key Facts


Großbritannien, USA





Empfehlende Institution

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL


Mai 2010 - Mai 2010


Related experience

·  Stefan Orshel-Read | London, UK  |  January 2010
Knitwear designer
·  Design and creation of 2 show pieces for A/W 2011
·  Creation of patterns for garment

·  Ada Zanditon| London, UK  |  July 2009 
Knitwear designer
·  Creation of a garment hand knitted
Creation of patterns for garment

·  Emma Bell  | London, UK  | May 2008 to current
Knitwear designer & fashion assistant
·  Creation of garments both hand knitted and machine knitted
·  Including dresses, sweaters, and shorts
·  Assisting Emma Bell in fashion and style direction

·  “Frock Me” (Channel 4 Television) | London, UK  | May 2009
Assistant stylist
·  Steaming/altering garments and organizing the wardrobe
·  Dressing and preparing contestants for the show

·  Pointcarre USA (Textile Design Software)  | New York, USA  | 2006&2007 Summer
office assistant / intern
·  Office management duties including mail merging, filing, organization and researching
·  Software assistance for clients

·  CJ Laing  | New York, USA  | 2006 winter/spring
sales assistant
·  Retail customer service
·  Stock taking on a daily basis
·  Bringing in new clients via cold telephone sales
·  Designing garments
·  Promotion - how explain
·  Selling wholesale


My project mission is to create a capsule collection of garments in accordance to my artistic field as a Knitwear designer.

The preliminary stages of my project development will include a series of research of which I will then allow to progress into producing a selection of technical textile experimentation and knit sampling. A period of my position as Artist in Residence , within the Quartier21 programme, will then allow me to use my surroundings to create concept knitwear design which will then be represented by an overall collection of constructive textile garments.

Elements that I will cover whilst focussing on this project include theoretical knitwear research and tradition, handcrafted sampling and surface textile embellishment as well as garment construction and development.

The finished pieces will represent the culmination of the entire creative process presenting the result of research, design and production.

In addition to working on this project I also intend to utilise Vienna as a base by networking with the local creative community to allow opportunities for collaborations for example working with photographers, artists and fellow knitters.

The pieces I create will be eventually depicted in a photoshoot as well as being displayed as a static presentation as part of the ‘Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!’ side programme: New Designer Showcase.

The objective of my proposal is to create a contemporary knitwear collection which features innovative craft and knit techniques, conceptual design and represents my signature aesthetic.


Moving to Vienna for the Artist and Residence program was one of the most amazing and enlightening things I’ve ever done. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay within MQ and working with the Quartier21 team only heightened my experience. MQ is a beautiful place over flowing with art, beauty and life, it was incredibly inspiring as was Vienna as a whole. From trips to fabric shops and haberdasheries to the funfair at Prater my time was filled with fun and excitement.
The shear studio space alone was perfect for working and coming from London where space is hard to come by being able to see everything at once was such a fantastic plus, but that was only the beginning.
While I was doing my residency I met many new people and with the help of the Quartier21 team was able to contact specific people within Vienna who could help me to accomplish my personal goals while I was there. Through making connections I was able to get the equipment I needed which allowed me to create the collection of knitwear garments and a collection of knitted fabric swatches which I had intended to accomplish while on my residency. My accomplishments during my residency exhibited within the Central Saint Martins Degree Show in London in mid June and will exhibit again within in the Fish and Chips Twice Please ?! exhibition in the Quartier21 gallery within MQ at the End of August 2010 as a New Designer. While I was there I was able to also help the Fish and Chips Twice Please?!, team in preparing for the opening of the exhibition, which was a wonderful experience, to be able to see fashion from a different side.
I feel that this experience had truly helped me in my personal growth as a designer, and the program is an amazing opportunity I would suggest it to anyone interested in having an exciting creative experience.

Catherine Mudford
Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design – Ba Textile Design (Honours)
I am a half American, half English, London based textile and knitwear designer.

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