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Klara Swantesson

Klara Swantesson

Bereich: Film

© Klara Swantesson

© Klara Swantesson

© Klara Swantesson

© Klara Swantesson

© Klara Swantesson

© Klara Swantesson

© Klara Swantesson

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März 2008 - April 2008


2004–2007 The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark, Copenhagen
2001–2003 Animation and Experimentalfilm, Visby, Sweden
2000-2001 The European Film College, Ebeltoft, Denmark


Developing the short animated film The Sleepy Revolution together with Johanne Fronth-Nygren.

The animated documentary Radicalized produced by Zigzag Animation had premiere at Gothenburg film festival in January and has since then been shown around the world at film festivals. Won the Synchro Film & Video Award at the Tricky Women festival in Vienna 2007 and was awarded Best Short Film at the Guldbaggen gala in Stockholm 2007.

The animated short film Avdelning Prästkragen, exam film from Animation and Experiment film. Won FFAF´s (Föreningen För Animerad Film) student films prize in Stockholm 2003, and silverprize in the yearly competition for illustration and graphic design Kolla! in Sweden 2004.


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Virginia Woolf wrote about the necessity for women to have a room of ones own; to be able to create and think your own thoughts - to the very end. And this is what I have been blessed with the last two months: A great big white room of my own. So I found out how right she was, old Virginia - space and time makes up the best soil for good ideas and art to grow in. My trailer for the Tricky Women Festival 2009 is a plant from this soil and I have surely put more seeds that will rise at some point.

Working as an independent animation filmmaker is a lonesome job. One would assume that if you choose this way of living, you’re the nerdy-lonely-rider type of guy. I am not, and therefore festivals like Tricky Women is an essential meeting point to ventilate experiences, get inspired and encouraged by other colleagues in this business. Also the conversations with the other AiRs have been an important part of my stay at the quartier21. Being a part of an “artist community” has triggered me to think in new alternative ways to do film in the future, and I can’t wait to get started exploring the media further than I have so far. For the symposium, we held together on the gender topic, I made an encouraging banner with the words “YOU ARE RELEVANT”. This was made for me and all the other women who for some reason doubt their relevance in life and work. I will hang it up in my apartment in Copenhagen and make some very self-confident films when I come home. This is a promise!

Hopefully my trailer will bring more people into the magic darkness of the Top Kino next year, because animation at its best is more powerful than any Oscar-winning feature film. It’s like that short poem that said it all the book couldn’t say.

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