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Ivana Moncolová

Ivana Moncolová

Bereich: Theorie

© Ivana Moncolová

© Ivana Moncolová

© Ivana Moncolová

© Ivana Moncolová

© Ivana Moncolová

© Ivana Moncolová

© Ivana Moncolová

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tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


März 2008 - April 2008




I really enjoyed my two-month-stay in quartier21 at the MuseumsQuartier. There I found big ideas, quietness and "the room of my own": for editing and writing of catalogue of my former exhibition in Slovakia and Czech Republic, for writing critical articles for magazines and newspapers and finally for what I don't like so much the fundraising staff.

As a theoretician I am really pleased for the chance of having a public symposium with the other artists-in-residence: Nancy Mauro-Flude, Paula Delgado, Klara Swantesson, Audrey Penven and our guest moderator Jesse Darlin’. For the symposium entitled Condition to conceive the desired gender [or not], that took place on the 24th of April at Raum D in quartier21, we had previous private discussions with all the five artists in residence.  During which I have been working as a theoretician and also curator. My obsession in following the artists’ work is in investigating the influences on his/her work - for example, gender, race, politics, life, health, history, experiences, creation etc. I am also thankful for a chance to participate in the group exhibition Skin is longing for a cream from the 22nd May until 8th June at the Freiraum exhibition space in quartier21.

For me, it gave me time for myself to study theoretical essays as well as non-fictional literature. I read five books and tried new cook-book recipes. I found a new context and starting points of artists’ practice of others AiRs (artists in residence). I wrote five articles for Slovak and Czech magazines, five pages of notes from the books I have read and a press release for the group exhibition. I enjoyed the co-operation with Elisabeth Hajek and Julia Aßl who were responsible for the artists-in-residence in quartier21/MuseumsQuartier.

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